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More Weight, Less Reps...


A lot of people say lifting more weight for 4-6 reps is good for building mass and strength. A lot of people also say using weight that you can manage to get 8-10 reps with is the way to go. I'm looking to pack on some muscle...any suggestions?


have you read the tcell? or any other past threads to see the discussions on this already?




Not yet...I've only been using this site for a few days. Thanks though. I'll check it out.


Most beginners lack the strength to lift heavy enough to get much out of higher rep ranges, so it makes sense for them to focus on building overall strength for a year or more.


Sorry, but this makes absolutely no sense. Could you please elaborate on this concept? Not the building strength part, but the higher rep part.


read the T-Cell, the stickies in the beginner forum(they'll be right on top) and professor x:a request. that'll keep ya occupied for a while and stop your confusion on reps and other things.