More Volume Than 531

I am not competing in powerlifting, therefore I don’t need to do a 1 rep max week. I am considering doing 963 program or the 5’s, or fsl. Looking for advice. I am 48 with about 10 years lifting experience.

The 1+ isn’t a 1rm week. 95% of 90% of your max is ~85% of your true 1rm, which is a weight you should be able to do for 5-8 (maybe more, if you’re feeling really good that day) reps in an all-out set. The cool thing about 5/3/1 is that there’s many different templates for different styles, goals, etc. If you want more volume, the first thing that comes to mind is BBB (boring but big, big but boring? I can never remember). You can’t go wrong using anything made by JW.


58 here , long time lifter.
Tons of options. Buy the books , forever the most recently published is quite good.
Do just a good general program at 48—
5 progression with FSL and 50 reps or so from the 3 categories is pretty solid.
Obviously your goals will dictate what is best for you


If you are wanting more volume there are plenty of templates and challenges in the books to accommodate what you’re after. If you don’t have the books then you should do yourself a favour and get either the Original 2nd Edition or Beyond and start from there.

531 would be a great program for you then as it doesn’t have a 1 rep max week.

I have first addition. And beyond.

Ultimately I’m asking Can I do 5 reps on all sets every week and finish with FSL.

In addition, I would do 5reps for the weeks of 5, 3, and 531

FSL is always a good idea to get extra volume in. There’s no reason to make major changes to any 5/3/1 template. Just add any sort of set/rep scheme at the end. For bench I usually do 4x8 or 5x5 after my 5+, 3+, or 1+ depending on what week it is. For squat I like 5x5.

Bottom line, don’t mess around with the 5/3/1 template. The beauty of it is that you can customize volume 100%. Just add it in after your sets, don’t start changing everything around and expect the same results that other people are getting from normal 5/3/1


In beyond those are described as 5’s Progression or 5’s PRO.

Do FSL at 3 - 5 sets of 5 reps.

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The program does not have a 1RM week - I’m not sure where you read this in my book. I’d recommend using 5’s Pro and choosing the correct supplemental program for your specific needs (Boring But Big, 5x5 @ FSL, SSL, BBS, etc.)


Thanks Jim. I’m going to set my TM @ 85% and run 5s pro with FSL.