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What time during the day is it optimal for a male to take vitex? thanks pk

Everyone seems to be taking it in morning.

Alright, I’ve been reading about this stuff for awhile. Where do you buy it?

Guys, below is some blurb one of the only UK sites selling this stuff(for the purpose we like 'aaaight, and not to ‘regulate our cycle…’, according to these guys it should be taken at night. Cheers

VITEX is set to become the fastest growing anabolic in the sports nutrition market.

VITEX contains the herb Vitex Agnus Castus.
This herb has been used for centuries to control the female cycle. It does this by stimulating the pituitary gland which produces Leutenizing Hormone along with a number of Growth Factors including Human Growth Hormone.
The beauty of Leutenizing Hormone is that whilst in women it stimulates production of oestrogens in men it stimulates production of androgens.
This double combination of androgens and Growth Hormone makes this ancient herb a wonderfull natural addition to building lean muscle tissue.

Growth Hormone which works mainly at night repairing, maintaining tissue and laying down new LEAN tissue, breaks down fat from adipose tissue to create the energy required to carry out this complex and metabolically expensive activity.
Growth Hormone also repairs and builds bone structure and is a wonderful counterbalance to the adrenal stress hormones which break down bone and muscle tissue.
By breaking down fat tissue to obtain the energy for production Growth Hormone switches tissue from fat to lean. Most Growth Hormone works at night during deep sleep although there is also an early peak during training.
Vitex Anabolic is best taken at night although some athletes take a dose before intensive exercise to take advantage of the production of Growth Hormone during training.
Vitex stimulates production of Human Growth Hormone from the pituitary gland.
Vitex stimulates production of Leutenizing Hormone from the pituitary gland.
Vitex stimulates production of insulin from the pancreas.
Insulin is required to transport amino acids into muscle tissue for synthesis of new muscle.
Human Growth Hormone lays down new lean tissue.
Human Growth Hormone breaks down fat to obtain the energy to build lean muscle.
Human Growth Hormone repairs and protects bone structure.
Leutenizing Hormone stimulates production of androgens (testosterone) from the testes.
Testosterone promotes new muscle production.
Vitex is the ideal preparation for building new lean muscle at the expense of fat.

Interesting piece Dannyboy

I’ve been taking it in the morning… not sure if there would be a big difference changing to nocturnal use… comments anyone?

i’ve been taking it at night since i take tribulus and avena sativa in the morning and afternoon. thanks, laters pk


Brock, I must say that your tolerance on this subject is astounding, well done. PK, I guess seeing this is a random extract from a university/research site which took ages to find, and I have searched all of the strings on this subject - as well my chemistry knowledge being limited , I would have to put money on it and go with Brock and alot of the others, and do the morning. I have only just started it and ‘generally’ been doing the morning and it seems to be working well - just wanted to see everyone else thoughts on that piece of ‘info’ that is being banded around my gym, and see if anyone had any major opinions. Cheers