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Yeah… I’m a new guy.

Anyway, as traditional road work drives me nuts with trying to carry up my weights to a track or school field, then having a 70 year old “cardio bunny” scold me for “ruining real exercise,” and the general fact I have to jog, I’m trying to come up with different ways to “High Octane Cardio.”

I tried going to my gym and using the rowing machine/ellipitical mixed with the usual one armed DB snatches and clean/jerks, but that just leads to forgetting to press one simple button or someone assuming I’m off the machine. I’ve tried leaving a dirty pair of gym shorts on the machines to prevent takeovers… but some people have tough noses. Same case for the heavy bag/skipping rope: I walk away from the bag/rope for just a couple seconds to do my one armed snatches… and BAM! Takeover.

So far, the only idea I was able to do and that seems to work well actually has been shadow boxing. Although my boxing form’s somewhat sloppy, my conditioning is going up rather well.

Still, I’m curious if anyone can come up with any type of “cardio” I could use for other types of High Octane Cardio. It’s too entertaining to get my workouts done in fifteen minutes without rest and sweat like an old man… but I still need more variety in that.

When I do HOC, I do jump rope/two arm DB swings. If you bring your own rope, no one is going to take it and it’s only a few bucks.