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More UFO Proff!!!!!!





"Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us."


The Illuminati, eh? Really...


I don't know but theres something pretty weird going on. Theres so many sightings this year.



Where's the ufo? Do I need to squint really hard to see it or...


Yeah...like that alien spacecraft from many light years away would study our immobile station and analyze it.
"Whoa! How did they make this thing?!?"



you'll understand when you have kids someday, every little thing they make is so precious.


hahaha, I lol'd pretty hard there ^^


First they analyze our immobile space station, then they add to their biological knowledge by landing in rural Kentucky and thoroughly inspecting the anal cavity of some moonshine-swilling rube...


We would be like ants...or maybe cats to people who could really travel through space and time like that. If there are UFO's, they are just field trips for alien kids to laugh at us.

That may be why they always choose the same types of people for abduction...they make great birthday clowns.


True.. if there really were UFO's the technology those aliens have would be FUCKING INSANELY MORE ADVANCED THAN ANYTHING WE CAN THINK OF. Maybe not cats and dogs to them but more like cavemen who first started painting in the caves :slightly_smiling:


Wow, I'm SOLD! Very credible video - aliens must be real! I'll just go ahead and sing this on our way to meet up with them...


First contact will be through facebook lol.

Likes: Long distance travel, probing, the color green.

If aliens ever do contact us i'd imagine it will be quick and painless, no dialogue what so ever...ZAP aaaaand done.

Acually, i'd prefer to go out this way.


David Bowie sucks


It's probably true...we are all (or at least 95% of us) slaves to our 9-5 desk job.


I beg to differ...We clearly have the edge in battle and weapons intelligence. Just look at all the movies. All we need is an alien fuel rod, Will Smith, and the ability to shut down there communications tower. It's the same formula every single time.

Some even have weaknesses to water (ala the movie Signs) our planet is 70% water. Melt the ice caps (water world) = 100% protection.

Suck it aliens