More Trouble Than I Am Worth: Chaos Is The Plan (T3hPwnisher Log)

Training today



Got a small carb up in the evening. First time in a month or so.


@bigpappafrance Always appreciate the support dude!

AM WORKOUT (0425 wake up via alarm)


40 minutes of overhead

SUPER SET (press-chin)

Axle continental and strict press away

Chins w/chains

GIANT SETS (press-chin/ab-pull)

Axle clean and strict press away

Axle clean each rep and strict press


Wheel of Pain

Band pull aparts

10% Corollary

Breathing Squats w/pullovers

25 Conan Curls
25 pushdowns
10 Tree of Woe shrugs


  • Gravity was turned on high this morning. Because my schedule was all screwy last week, I was training a bit harder on the weekends than I usually do, and between that and the wild swing in nutrition, I imagine I rolled into this morning not quite as fresh as usual. Those squats in particular snuck up on me. I’m experiencing that same Super Squats hip pain on my right side that I had last year, which I need to be mindful of, since it took a LONG time to heal from that, but part of me thinks when I get my nutrition back to animal fuels it might sort out.

  • On the topic of the squats: I have an abundance of ways to succeed from here. I’m in the 5th week of the program, which is a good run so far, and the OG strategy was to only do the squats twice a week anyway, so there’s room to play. I’m thinking about dropping bar weight and adding chains, and going for reps beyond 20. I might also do the SSB but with hands on the bar vs the handles, as that’s pretty brutal. There’s also a possibility of changing gears and going MMS, putting bodyweight on the bar and just going for max reps. Too many ways to win.

  • I’m not able to get as much done in 40 minute as before, but I realize it’s because I’m adding reps as I go to the assistance work, which is going to eat into the main work. Funny how it all balances out.

  • Video is being screwy: will post it later.

  • Something I’m needing to capture: I was really flat and lost a lot of definition when I was leaning really hard into the protein sparing modified fast, and since focusing on really upping the dietary fats I’ve noticed myself being far more defined and bulbous. There’s a few things I feel to take from this. One is that I am most likely “fat adapted” at this point, which could explain why this morning’s performance was a little subpar when I had just had a higher carb meal leading up to it. The other is to ponder if the right call is to skip the protein sparing modified fasting (famines) OR if the famines prep me such that when I DO feast I’m able to really thrive. I’m inclined to believe the latter over the former. I feel like the sparse periods prep my body to really make solid use of these windows of high intake, but maybe it’d be worthwhile sometime to see how far I could push a high fat nutrition phase.


Making the remaining members of the human race look lazy as usual, Sir.

Carry on.


@wiseman83 Thanks so much man! Can’t very well be a misanthrope if I’m not willing to set the example, haha.

Forgot to log that I got in a 50lb weighted vest walk after breakfast this morning. Got the video here

Made deer burgers tonight. I am going to eat like a king with all this venison.


I have a bit of Ground Venice left here in the freezer. Might have to pull it out and finish it off…

Must get more.

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They know, haha.

I finally took part in my own successful hunt this weekend. While I didn’t get a deer of my own, I did earn some meat by doing most of the work dragging it for the better part of two miles back to the truck.

Super satisfying to have all the work pay off, even if someone else was the primary beneficiary. Luck just happened to break his way that day. It was also pretty cool to have him say getting the deer back wouldn’t have been possible without me, haha.

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@wiseman83 It’s definitely an anabolic protein source! So satiating too.

@mr.v3lv3t Definitely a solid way to earn some chow. I fulfilled a similar role with the group I was out with.

AM WORKOUT (0425 wake up via alarm)

CHAOS IS THE PLAN: THE CIMMERIAN CHRONICLE Week 5, Workout 2-“Unscrouplous Mercenary Among Waring Empires”

40 minute workout

  • EMOM, do a Viking thruster w/90lb loaded on axle
  • Add a thruster each round
  • Do Turkish get ups between rounds w/10kg bell
  • When beat by the timer, re-start thrusters at 1

18 minutes of Dan John’s ladder for prisoner squats and push ups (200 total)


Walk w/wolf (no vest, very windy and cold day, had to move fast)


  • The story: In the midst of the war between the Aesir and the Ottomans resides our Cimmerian, who owes loyalty only to the coin. But the constant shifting of alliances and unending battles gradually consume him.

  • Really had to convince myself to get up and train this morning. Just feeling beat to hell. Despite the feasting, I’m still pushing beyond my limits. I settled on this workout because the get ups seemed like a way to challenge myself while keeping the load light. I’m digging the idea behind a workout where I just get up and down off the floor a bunch.

  • The story is cute there: Viking thrusters for the Aesir, Turkish get ups for the Ottoman. I coulda brought in more cultures with some Russian vs American KB swings if I wanted to be goofy.

  • Took a bit to find my groove on the get ups, but after enough time it was starting to click. My hip is still pretty pissed at me, which made the thrusters not super awesome.

  • Was good to get in the bodyweight work afterwards. It’s honestly the most tonic/beneficial stuff I do for myself, specifically those squats. I have Tang Soo Do tonight as well, which will get me a little more.

  • Weather was absolutely nuts today. Crazy high winds. My “wolf” is a 15lb pug, so I had to work to make sure she didn’t turn into a kite. I went without the vest so we could move quick, and after an hour of solid training this morning, it seemed like I had done enough.

  • My rings are falling off my fingers. I’m losing a bunch of water and swelling. I keep forgetting what the “after” is like on these carb-ups. There’s really an element of hormesis at play here I think. I’m intentionally inducing inflammation when this happens, and then the body heals, rebounds and becomes stronger. This is that “harmony disruption” piece I’ve spoke to earlier. And it’s the same side of the coin with the protein sparing modified fasting vs high fat intake. And that seems like a spectrum on it’s own. Pure protein-high fat-high carb. In the middle is the balance, and the extremes make it so the balance is harmonious. Far out man.


Cossack squats :slight_smile:

Indian clubs would be an interesting addition too. A bit more “strength mobility” work.

Thought about those too. No Indian clubs in the gym to use though. I DO have a baseball bat that I used to swing on some mats at one point though.

Training this morning

Followed immediately with a 50lb weighted vest walk with the wolf

Post lunch workout

23x225+chains breathing squats with pullovers, then a 10 minute EMOM burpee chin/chain press, then 1 min of KB throws.

The squats are a great solution. I can really push hard with these while keeping the pain out of my hips. If I can keep the reps the same and add weight back up to 275, that will bode well.

Also got in a 3 mile walk post dinner. Been eating well, tomorrow I will feast, and old traditions will come through.


I’m a little sad there wasn’t a camel punch involved in this one


Not for lack of want! Haha. If I set it up in my basement I could have hit my BAS between rounds.

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Flex Comics definitely captured my Id here

Meanwhile, here’s how I guaranteed an anabolic Thanksgiving

301x135lb high handle trap bar lifts

Not my all time PR, but a new one for this bodyweight. And you can definitely see that the effort was real.

Maybe some walking or something later, but this was “enough”


Slept until about 0730, woke up and got in 50 prisoner squats and 50 push ups using Dan John’s ladder

After a fantastic breakfast, did a burpee and alternating single arm KB clean and press w/20kg bell for 5 minutes followed by a 2 mile walk wearing a 50lb weighted vest with my wolf

Lived life, had a great lunch of about 7 burger patties and 2 slices of swiss cheese from Culver’s working some fast food ordering wizardy, then did this workout when I got home.

CHAOS IS THE PLAN: THE CIMMERIAN CHRONICLE Week 5, Day 5: The Cimmerian Swears To Never Drink Again

Can we pause an appreciate that the youtube link ends with “Hulk”?

  • 23x230+chains breathing squats w/pull overs, into 30 minutes of cleaning and pressing a 100lb keg over my head (118 reps managed during that time)

  • And 20 standing Wheels of Pain

I feel the need to point out that I am RIDICULOUSLY sore from pulling 301 reps on the trap bar yesterday. Specifically in my traps (go figure). So holding that bar on my back was super fun, as was cleaning a f**king keg 118 times.

Chased it down with an amazing “meat and eggs” dinner of a turkey thigh and 4 fried pasture raised eggs with some grassfed sour cream. Had a little more dark meat turkey after that.

I had two people comment today that I look bigger: one a random youtube commenter and one my Valkyrie. The latter is, of course, the most significant, but both speak positively to the impact of this training and eating. Been awesome validating this approach. It also means I’m finally outeating my training, which has taken some doing for sure.


Slept until 0730, prisoner squats and push ups, walked the wolf with a 50lb vest, great meals, and this fantastic training session

CHAOS IS THE PLAN: THE CIMMERIAN CHRONICLE 150 rounds of the 1 armed Cimmerian Complex

Complex is as follows

Push up onto KB handles
Single arm clean and strict press
Single arm KB squat

w/20kg bell

25 conan curls
25 pushdowns
50 pull aparts
10 Wheels of Pain with a plank and hold for the final rep.

Also, my doe finished processing today and I brought home the meat. I got a freezer packed with Venison. Gonna be eating good for quite a while.


Last day of the long holiday weekend. More awesome eating.

Training was GI Jane and Pukie Brewster WODs

GI Jane is 100 burpee chins, Pukie Brewster is 150 burpees

Got the 100 BCs in 12 minutes, 100 burpees in another 12, and finished in sub 30. Excellent use of time.

Carb up meal tonight with some spaghetti and homemade sourdough, then back on the program. Grappling tournament in a week: snuck up on me. How crazy.


Absolute specimen!

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Thanks man! It’s funny: people tend to respond the most to my easiest workouts. That 301 reps of the trap bar was me taking my soul to the woodshed and there wasn’t a murmur, haha. But this was a good way to prime myself for the week.

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Might just be me, but I’d guess it’s because no one else can relate to the super crazy stuff, I have no frame of reference for 301 reps and the fortitude required to get there, I have done 10 mins of Burpees and Burpee chins and your results are double mine, and you did them done back to back, how I feel after 10 mins gives a real good idea of just how far above my level and how hard you’re working, daily.

Might have to try the tbdl craziness to appreciate it one day.


@alex_uk Definitely give it a go! You really learn a lot about yourself in those moments. And I appreciate you giving me some perspective there. It’s always interesting to me to see what is well received and what isn’t. With the blog especially, some of the posts I don’t even think are worth posting will get the biggest reviews, and some of the ones I think of as “my masterpiece” get nothing, haha. It’s always a learning experience.

AM WORKOUT (0417 natural wake up, good night of sleep)


40 Minutes of Mainwork

SUPERSET (press-chin)

Log clean and strict press away

Chins w/chains

GIANT SET CIRCUIT (press-chin/abs-pull)

Log clean and strict press away


Standing Wheel of Pain

Band pull aparts

Neck harness

10% Corollary

Breathing Squats w/pullovers

Poundstone curls

Lateral raise stripset
25xEmpty hands

25 pushdowns


Walk w/wolf while wearing 50lb vest


  • The log performance continues to improve. Was feeling very strong for it today, minus a headspin on the second rep of the first workset. I wasn’t moving super fast this workout, taking my time to get set as the weight continues to climb, but I was crushing the lifts. I’m going more Hepburn style with the assistance, adding a single rep total each workout vs per set, as I’m starting to reach a point where the assistance is taking more than it gives.

  • The squats were absolutely in the right spot for effort. That’s technically a 3 rep drop off from previous efforts, but previous efforts were set later in the day, with meals in me, and first thing in the workout. This was done AFTER 40 minutes of log work and it definitely showed. My right knee was getting a little tricky on me, and during my 30 minutes of keg pressing workout last week I felt it twinge a little, so I had to slow things down a touch and decided to rack at 20. As you can see from my body’s response, it was the right call. And once again: I had a carb up meal last night and find it a little harder to push the next day. I feel like it’s a sure sign I’ve become fat adapted rather than a sugar burner, and, in turn, when I don’t have enough fuel in me, it shows.

  • It’s gotten cold. We had our first real snowfall yesterday, and it was 17 degrees when I was walking the wolf. I prefer the cold, but it does suck that I get less sun exposure now.

  • In general, pleased with how this all went, especially this far into the program. Also, got to shoot a podcast yesterday with @ChongLordUno . We had a great chat, and once again I felt like I couldn’t cover nearly all the things I wanted to talk about. Excited to see it posted.

  • Bought a rash guard for my grappling tournament on Sunday. It snuck up on me. Thinking about doing some steak and eggs the night before the fuel for it.