More Trouble Than I Am Worth: Chaos Is The Plan (T3hPwnisher Log)

As an Englishman I had to google this for context

I’m all for some self deprecation anyway. I’ve started incorporating the WOD conditioning style work you do 3/4 times a week after following your log for a while and really enjoy it in a sadistic way but fully aware it takes time to become what I’d refer to as a “machine”


@aholding88 Most dudes know I don’t suffer self-depracating, haha. The world will do a fine enough job beating you down: overcompensate and be arrogant. Balance will come. You’re absolutely crushing it on your end dude!


Axle bench press
5x5x271 superset w/sets of 5 standing ab wheels, 90 seconds rest between sets

Transition immediately from final set to 50 dips, followed by 25 pushdowns

DB rows 105
65 reps as fast as possible

50 band pull aparts
40 reverse hypers w/50lbs

KB Fran+ (45lb bells, strict chins)
21-15-9 in 6:13

Notes: With that, all of my training is done…30 minutes before Tang Soo Do testing, because to quote Joe Pesci in Casino “Because I’m stupid, I don’t give a f**k about jail”

KB Fran after a bunch of DB rows is quite an experience.


This is a truth that more people need to understand. Quality



@simo74 and @TrainForPain Thanks gents!

Slept til 0630 again. Getting some of the best sleep in my life. Started with fasted 9 rounds of 20 seconds on/10 seconds off burpees over bar. This is weekend magic, I’m calling it. I woke up stiff as hell from sleeping hard and the full day of training with Tang Soo Do testing. Deadlifts wreck me these days. I practically FELL into the first burpee, but by rep 2 I was feeling in top form again. Having to actually jump and clear an object really gets the connective tissue up and moving.

Regarding becoming more trouble than I’m worth, got a solid photo of me channeling the spirit of Bas Rutten on a board break with a palm strike from yesterday

Channeling Bas



The Jocko Vibes are strong in that photo.

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We go to the same barber


Just read your blog post from Friday…it was great.

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Agree about the blog, a slow cooker makes things really simple.

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Do you think you could kick Shan Kahn’s ass?

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Did a little boxing as a young man and have done some light sparring and Jiu-Jitsu over the last few years. It’s always been interesting to me how different some of the setups, stances, entries and executions are through the various martial arts. Your idea of being more trouble than you’re worth is something I think most men can identify with. This is a cool log.

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@whiplash1 Thanks man! It was fun to write.

@Dresden Oh my goodness yes. Lessons I wish I learned MUCH earlier.

@tlgains This guy?

I probably have a chance…

@WhiteFlash I am such a martial arts nerd, haha. Tang Soo Do has been a fun way to get back to my Tae Kwon Do roots, but I keep bleeding Muay Thai into it. There are just too many cool ways to do martial arts. Glad you dig the log and the mission dude!


Stone of steel (135lb) to shoulder and KB cluster ladder up to 8

Notes: Just something quick and awful on a Sunday. Working an early 10 hour shift tomorrow, and it should be a legit BtM Day 3 sorta day, so didn’t want to completely blow my brains out.


Yeah, my dad boxed so grew up around that and fell in love with MMA in the early/mid 2000’s. Will always kick myself in the ass for not taking up training in my early 20’s. My schedule is all over the place so training has taken a back seat, but BJJ and MMA training are fucking awesome. Even though I’m old and beat up I seem to have a bit of a knack for traditional wrestling, but I’m the opposite of a savant with BJJ. Muay Thai is fucking brutal, so good luck with that, haha. These days I just lift and hit the bag when I can, 'cause bags don’t hit back but I still like working on combos and setups. You’re a beast, man. Keep kicking ass.

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:joy: Oh no I spelled it wrong. I meant Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat. Awesome work on the stone of steel workout,

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@WhiteFlash Man, that’s awesome to have such a background. Glad you’re finding some time to get back to it. I miss clanging and banging, but I’m happy with what I’m doing these days as well. Good to come back to my “first love”.

@tlgains Thanks man. I had a feeling that’s what you meant. I’ll give anyone a good fight. On that note…

Got in an unexpected 2 mile 80lb weighted vest walk with the dog. Got to actually apply my Tang Soo Do: some woman let go of her dog’s leash and it came charging mine. My dog is an 11 year old 11lb female pug: this dog was substantially bigger.

Keep in mind: I’m wearing an 80lb weight vest and listening to a podcast.

I immediately drop to a low fighting stance, stick my arm at to full extension and just “kiai!” at the dog yelling “Hey!” in short, sharp words. Each time I do it, the dog backs away. Each time it tries to come forward again, I do the same thing.

The owner was worthless through it all, but thankfully wrangled the dog before I had to do anything worse.

I didn’t even feel the weight vest while it was happening. All very DBZ.
I gave my dog some bison pot roast when we got home. Good dog.


Pwn: 1

Mutt: 0

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As someone that has had 1-42 of Dragonball in their bookshelves since being a literal child, I approve of these recurring references. If it’s not already obvious, I’m of course following along this new log as well (as well as I can - lots of activity as per usual)

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^Agree. Ha Ha Ha.

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@tlgains I actually have a better record than that, haha. I’ve had to stand down a few dogs.

@voxel Good to have you on board!

BUILDING THE MONOLITH Week 4, Workout 6(?)

AM WORKOUT (0250 natural wakeup)

Axle clean and rep and strict press

SUPERSETS (Chin-Squat)
Weighted chins 60lbs
Buffalo Bar Squats
Band pull aparts

Axle shrugs against bands
80xShort light bands+20xLight bands

Buffalo Bar Squat

Notes: Just plain awesome training day. Wanted to make it faster so tried my trick of doing all the pressing in one go. This might actually be a net loss, but it feels quicker, because once that is done the rest of the workout is practically nothing. I’m also gonna call that some conditioning work.

I think I’ve settled on a solid way forward for the duration of BtM, and possibly future runs as well. I’m gonna stick with the Buffalo bar for this day, and go with the SSB for my 5x5 day. This allows me to keep proficiency with the Buffalo Bar and still get in a heavy set, but will save my elbows/forearms from the brutality of the heavy 5x5 work. Plus, the SSB is magic in its own way, so this gives me a chance to play with that.

I am satisfied and not with that Widowmaker. I clearly gave it my all based on the post squat collapse, but throughout this cycle it’s been my body vs my legs failing. I feel as though my torso is going to pop, and I’m struggling with holding in chow. Bar slip is an issue with my low bar placement. But being real with myself, I’m definitely driving an anabolic response here.

Speaking of anabolic response, I’m writing this here so I commit to it: I heard of a HELLACIOUS workout idea from a Jon Andersen podcast. He squatted 405 for 20, dropped the bar to the floor and then pulled it for 20. That’s one of those things you hear and go “holy sh*t that makes SO much sense”. I wanna give that a go with 315. To make it work, I’d have to pull in socks, as I’d squat in my weightlifter shoes, slip them off and go pull. Also, since I’m a princess, I’m not going to drop my bar, and would instead have a bar set up in the rack and one on the floor. I’d also go with straps on the deads. Caveats all aside, I could see that being some sort of transformative workout. Something I’ll do during my diet break. Be a great way to kick off a deload.

On the body and mind side: hamstring is 100%. Left one seized up on me while walking the dog yesterday, but that was also after my run in with the other dog, so part of me wonders if I was going through some sort of post adrenaline fight or flight thing. Just annoying. Right forearm/elbow pain has migrated into the bicep proper now. That’s rather interesting. I still have the general elbow ache, but the muscle feels swollen. Wonder if cold weather is at play. Got a look at my physique post training/shower and was pleased with how things are going with this gaining phase. I try to be super transparent about stuff here, and one of the many not fun things about gaining is feeling bloated all the time and ending the day looking like a tick from all the food and fluid you’re taking in. Even without carbs I tend to be pretty swollen, so those moments early in the day are nice for a “truth check in”.

Still wanna get in Keg Grace today. If I can get in the daily work too, cool, but otherwise this is life.


Yes … it makes sense. That’s how I would describe it.


Kick-ass training as per usual!