More Trouble Than I Am Worth: Chaos Is The Plan (T3hPwnisher Log)

Yo man, I got a ten hour flight tomorrow…and sleeping won’t happen for me. Needing a new book to read. Any recommendations? Preferably training related, but not essential. wrong…but feel like I remember you mentioning you’ve read a few?

Not PWN but things i have read lately that I probably got recomended from PWN

Powerlifting Basics Texas style by Paul Kelso -
Never let go - Dan John -
The purposeful primitive -
The complete keys to progress - John McCallum
Coan The man, The myth, The Method -

I know Pwn has also recommended the New Dan John Easy Strength Omni book

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Definitely man.

@simo74 Just laid down a fantastic list right there. Purposeful Primitive would be my top pick for the 10 hour flight, and the Ominbook s a great choice too.


The Omni Book it is!

I’ve read the others haha. I’ve recently finished John McCallums book. That was great actually. as equally entertaining as the purposeful primitive.

Didn’t realise Dan John had written a new one so thanks for that fellas!


I think you can only get it from his website, but it is an ebook and can read on kindle

Nah just found it on the Amazon Kindle site

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link please I couldn’t find it.

should look like this

Wait. That’s not the same cover. Haha.

Dan John Easy Strength is on kindle. The book with Pavel…I hadn’t read it so I grabbed it anyway.

I see the ebook on his website is a different cover…the cover you’ve shown.

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Yep 2 different books. Be interesting to see how you like the old one. I may get that too of you like it.,

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I’ll buy both. Lol. I don’t muck around when it comes to reading.


Your words cut deep my man


@ChongLordUno I watched that right before my morning workout: thanks for sharing it! Incredible to see the reaching impact.

@wiseman83 Fantastic solution to the 2 book problem, haha.

AM WORKOUT (0430 wake up via alarm) FASTED


(5) Mat pulls

Buffalo bar squat stripset

2+ mile walk

15 rounds EMOM of

  • 20 squats
  • 20 push ups
  • 10 KB swings w/24kg bell


  • I was absolutely exhausted and had the day off work, so slept in and went with the highlights/important stuff so I could still have time with the family. I was really pleased with how the mat pulls went, but I had nothing left in me for the squats. I am absolutely flat, totally carb depleted: the famine is real. Soon enough, we feast.

That EMOM is impressive man. That’s moving…

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Appreciate it man! It’s funny though: that’s exactly what I talk about in my video, haha. I poured my soul into those mat pulls and squats, and that EMOM was just part of my daily activity. As Jamie said: it’s not a workout, it’s part of being a human.


@simo74 & @T3hPwnisher - is Never Let Go the Dan John book to read? I feel like I’ve seen you both recommend it multiple times. I haven’t ever read any of his books but really enjoy his writing.

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Never let go - Dan John - This is a book that is a collection of a lot of Dans articles on training, so it reads like short stories with great training advice. This is a book I have read more than once and often go back to it, to remind myself of things I have forgotten. (can get from amazon on kindle)
I would deff recommend it.


@jshaving less that it’s “THE” Dan John book and more just the more memorable one. I really think the Easy Strength Omnibook tops it, but it’s a bit more focused, whereas Never Let Go is more broad spectrum.

Shoulda taken a photo, but I had Subway for dinner and it’s super carnivore friendly. I got 2 footlongs: a steak and egg white and a chicken breast. Had them put it on itallian bread with nothing else, asked for a salad bowl, scooped the meat into the bowl and brought the bread home, since my kid likes it. Too many ways to make this work.

Tang Soo Do wasn’t much of a workout, but I was exhausted enough that I felt it. This weekend will be the start of some feasting.


Carnivore food porn

Breakfast at home, lunch at Q’doba


Weekend wasn’t quite as bonkers as usual, primarily because I have 4 days off work so we used yesterday to get a lot of chores knocked out.

Slept in until 0730, got in 150 squats and 250 push ups first thing, had that breakfast which was an omelete of 2 whole pasture raised eggs, 1 egg white, some grassfed piedmontese steak tips, chicken bacon, grassfed butter and grassfed swiss that I topped with grassfed sour cream, next to it is more piedmontese steak tips, a Don Lee Farm’s organic chicken patty and some paleo chicken sausages. Also had some real pork bacon and a little grassfed polish sausage alongside it. And the black coffee and a cinnamon egg wrap with some grassfed cottage cheese inside.

Got in the remaining squats and push ups to get to 300 each, lunch at Q’doba was 8 ounces of adobo chicken, 8oz of pulled pork and 8oz of ground beef. The ground beef was a poor choice from a carnivore standpoint, since I’m sure they use some sort of maltodextrin based taco seasoning based on how I bloated/swole up immediately post consumption, but it was a big psychological win because I never would have permitted myself to eat that before. I wanted ground beef, so I got ground beef. That just makes sense. Also, they charge you 3.25 for 8oz of cooked meat at Q’doba, which is just fantastic. I think they have become my favorite fast food place.

Got in 150kb swings w/24kg bell, followed immediately by a shirtless 2.25 mile walk out in the sun to get some vitamin D, and as soon as I got back I knocked out 27 burpee chins in 2 minutes, which is flying. I LOVE that style of training: get the heart rate up, ride it out, come back and do it again. I may start up the heavy hands next time I do this. I like the vest, but I also like getting full sun exposure, and this seems like a good way to meet in the middle.

Dinner was Kevin’s Korean BBQ Beef

Which is awesome, since it’s grassfed beef, and I made mine without the sauce, and put it on top of egg whites, to have steak and eggs. But I also made a batch WITH the sauce for the family, because it’s REALLY good.

We’re looking at getting in a walk later, wherein I’ll throw on the weight vest. Otherwise, been a lot of activity going on while keeping carbs low and animal products high. Just a fantastic way to live. And I’m still jacked out of my mind and feeling awesome.


Got up at 0545 since the Mrs needed to work on a paper, so I used that as an opportunity to set up the smoker and make some smoked rib fingers for lunch this week.

While they cooked, I did a fasted workout of

Min 1: Squats
Min 2: Push ups
Min 3: Swings
Repeat until hitting 300 squats, 300 push ups and 150 swings

Got it done in slightly under 14 minutes, which is a minute faster than when I run the traditional EMOM variant of this, sot that was something at least.

After breakfast, I got in 26 burpee chins in 2 minutes. I then did 4 KB snatches and 5 chins just randomly, followed by 10 snatches and 10 chins before a 2.2 mile shirtless walk, wherein I came back and immediately did a 2 minute circuit of 1 snatch per arm and then a burpee chin, finishing 9 rounds of that.

Dinner was bison and deer sloppy joes, mine were served on egg white wraps with grassfed sour cream and grassfed cheese.

Tomorrow we celebrate, so Cheesecake factory for lunch, hot dogs for dinner, cake for dessert. Good day to reload.

Think we’re going for a walk as a family in a bit as well.

I’m thinking I may have refined my way forward with making things more sustainable. I may endeavor to make weekends “pure carnivore” and workdays Velocity Diet. Instead of shakes, I’ve been doing egg whites between meals this weekend, and it fits well. It’s kinda fun coming up with challenges, rules, parameters, etc.