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More Trouble Than I Am Worth: Brute Force and Ignorance (T3hPwnisher Log)

Slept until 0630 and got in fasted “Comrade Fran”, strict chins and going 21-15-9-5 to get my 50 daily work chins knocked out too. Time for 21-15-9 was 6:12, final time was 7:14. The snow hit last night, so shoveling will be today. My lats are on fire from that little surge I got on my deadlifts: interesting feeling. Starting to get some physical breakdowns that come when there’s no surplus of calories to heal off of. Riding the razor’s edge on the break here, which should mean a solid response when I jack up the volume and the food.


Shoveled a lot of wet heavy snow today, then…


Buffalo Bar Squat 20x320+Axle deadlift 20x316+Keg Grace (155lb keg one motions)

50 dips
50 pull aparts
20 standing ab wheels
40 reverse hypers
25 pushdowns
Neck work

Notes: This was a faster workout than throwing Fran on at the end, but it sucked WAY more. I definitely felt chow wanting to come back up on Grace around the halfway point. I do think the next evolution will be Grace and Fran together.

Got my “No Bull” trainers. They are going to make great prowler shoes, but no dice on the deadlifts. They elevate me pretty high off the ground. Seems pretty goofy really. Gonna stick with my Crossfit LTRs with the holes in them for now, but might get the Mark Bell deadlift slippers.

Weekend is treating me well. Lots of sleep and recharging. Definitely needed this. Got a bison pot roast on deck for tomorrow night’s dinner.

Seemed to have cured that lat issue too.


Man, if anyone is ever questioning some crap about RPE, or if they are putting enough intensity into their training, all you gotta do is show them your face at 9:48 in that video. That look of just absolute “oh f#^% me” is priceless. Keg grace by itself is an intense workout, crazy to see you hoping straight into it after squats and deads. Full body workout in 10 minutes, just awesome work


@atlas13 Very much appreciated dude! That look is the SAME look I give whenever I read someone saying they’ve been going to RPE 10 for every workset, haha. Effort is magic. It brings such great rewards.

Slept until 0620 and got in 34 rounds of burpees over bar at 20 seconds on/10 seconds off. Ideally I’ll get in a press workout today, but we’ll see.

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the $100 pair or the $400 pair? I got the cheaper ones for the wife and she loves them… couldn’t justify the $400 pair at the time, curious if you indulged in the extravagant version

Didn’t even see a $400 pair on their site. I got the ones that look like Chucks

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just looked over their site and couldn’t find them - they must have done away with them since I last looked (got the wife’s gym shoes like 18 months ago). Those chuck looking ones are clean though - will be keeping an eye out for a pair myself!

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@Andrewgen_Receptors I’ll always be a sucker for anything that looks like a Chuck Taylor, haha


Axle from the floor and push press away
5x156 (clean)
2x1x231 (continental)

Axle clean and strict press each rep 161lbs
22 reps in 4:50

GIANT SETS (press-dip-raise-pull): sets 1 and 4: BtN, sets 2 and 5: DB, sets 3 and 6: axle

BtN press 125

(3) Incline DB bench 85s

Axle flat bench 236


Lateral raise 10s

Band pull aparts

Poundstone curls

Notes: My push press is still pretty awful, which isn’t a shock considering how I don’t train it. I lose a good amount of energy on that continental. It’s worth noting I still go double overhand with it, because of course I do. Nice to get the training in. Pressing was strong where I needed it to be. This is my least exciting day of the programming, but it’s like taking my medicine.

Will get some chins in later, possibly as part of Comrade Fran.

Edit: 5:20 for Comrade Fran