More Tren Usage = More Tren?

I’ve run up to 700mg of tren ace weekly (100ed) and want to switch to 600mg tren e (200mg eod)
I’ve heard somewhere that the more tren you do, the more your body becomes used to it? Is this true? Or am I able to do 600mg with the same effects of a new guy first starting tren on the same amount?


Well, this is true of all anabolics, not just tren. Just like your body adapts to training it adapts to pharma as well. Over time you will need to up the dosage to continue causing growth. You don’t think IFBB pros are still using the 500mg test beginner cycle recommended all over the Internet, right? By the way, the example you used is actually less tren with the enanthate due to ester weight.

P.S.-if you’re really using 700mg tren ace weekly I hope you have some serious accomplishments to stand on. That’s a lot of tren.

Nope… this was his second cycle, though he used 700mg/wk first time round too


You’ll gain, but the rate of progress you’ll make isn’t infinitely linear. If this were the case we’d all be bench pressing 10,000lbs.


I would like to see what the literature says about this.

Go ahead and search for literature about anabolic use in competitive levels. I’ll wait. Anecdotal is all you have. Their are studies with lower than AAS dosages on nandrolone, oxandrolone and some others that are prescriptions but that’s about it. Tren in humans… not so much.

Wasn’t Tren at one point approved by the FDA? I would think they would have low dose data if that is the case, but I don’t know?

I don’t think so but admittedly could be wrong.

It isn’t used anymore, but apparently was used clinically (according to Wiki at least). Not sure on FDA approval or usage in the US.

At the bottom of the Wiki is a reference to studies on Tren. Not sure if any of them will help OP (I am not going to go through them).

Wasn’t clinically employed in the US. I believe tren Hex was used in… I want to say France during the 1980s



My 2 cents is that more drugs will mean more gains but I dont think our bodies get used to so we will need more to make the same gains but rather more to make bigger gains.

For example a 1st cycle with all other factors equal will gain the same on 500mg as they will on 3000mg. Just with way less sides and money spent. But once you have gotten to a certain size then you will need more to go past your current best.

I also dont subscribe to the receptor burn out theory. If anything I think its the opposite.

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I believe my old workout partner bought our Parabolan vials (78mg) from France when he went overseas for a 'roid run, maybe the late '80’s and early '90’s…
He later switched to making what he called “Cow” from Finajet pellets.

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I don’t think Oregon has legalised/descheduled anything aside from cannabis and potentially psilocybin.

Rather they’ve removed the notion of incurring a criminal record associated with minor drug possession. Still a civil penalty (i.e fine) but not a criminal one. This sparks as a win for common sense as law enforcement can shift resources into (attempting to) stamp out dealing, though the literature I’ve read seems to indicate even the biggest of busts don’t appear to make a dent in perceived availability.

Not sure what the answer is, but tossing people in prison and handing out trajectory altering criminal records over low level, nonviolent drug offences doesn’t appear to lead towards beneficial outcomes.

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They decriminalized a bunch of stuff. I thought steroids were included but I can only find one source and the others dont mention it…ok found 2 more that mentioned it. From what I can tell All Scheduled drugs 1-5 became the same schedule all less than 5 (previously the lightest sentences).

Funny how the war on Drugs and Terror just caused a huge Drug and Terror problem.

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Yea the consequences in Aus have been fairly dire. Kids needlessly overdosing in public venues, nightclubs and festivals; high incarceration rates and subsequent reoffending rates, sky high demand for methamphetamine etc. In the USA you’ve got an opiate epidemic going on killing tens of thousands yearly, a large portion of deaths result as a byproduct of a saturated, unregulated market with chemical specifics and product purity being questionable.

Clamping down doesn’t appear to have any perceived net effect regarding availability… Aside from during covid-19, wherein people rather switched to alternate substances (i.e heroin instead of meth) as opposed to quitting. Vices will unfortunately be a byproduct of our society so long as people require a means to escape from the miserable constraints of reality.

Literature would appear to indicate we can’t stamp out this problem through police initiatives and harsh penalization. Perhaps we ought to take a look from Portugul’s handbook. It isn’t perfect, and sociocultural normalities will inherently dictate whether progressive policy enacted would/could be a success… But they’re doing a hell of a lot better than Aus/the USA are. Lower overdose rates, record low levels of blood bourne disease spread through sharing needles, low rates of fatal overdose and youth rates of drug use are roughly on par with and/or slightly lower than other secular countries.

You’d think we’d learn from prohibition. Supply/unregulated demand due to inherent criminalisation = organised crime, violence, death and now mass incarceration. But alas humanity appears doomed to repeat the same mistakes time and time again. Climate change is probably my biggest long term worry at this point. The Aussie government in power more/less does nothing/dismisses the topic as being of pivotal importance.

In Aus societal reform is painfully slow, both because there are admittedly far more pressing issues to worry about and because politicians are shit scared of looking as if they’re “going soft” on crime as the Aussie populace and government tends to have a penchant towards catering towards batshit nanny state policy. Decriminalising low level possession of narcotics yet maintaining harsh penalties associated with dealing/distribution and supporting proven strategies to reduce the needless loss of human life doesn’t equate to “going soft on crime” to me… But what do I know, I’m just a kid with some fairly strong opinions.

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You do not “get used to” or build a “tolerance” to AAS, you do however, need more dosing over time, because well, DRUGS WORK! Your muscle mass and overall size goes up, so the same mg per kg ratio will call for a higher dose. Remember when you used This does not mean you need to up the dose every cycle though. 600mg of Tren is quite frankly a retardedly high dose as it is unless you’re a 6’5 strongman. Naturals make gains for years on their ever declining test levels, for what it’s worth.


Something to keep in mind is tren is like sweet poison. You feel like a god on it, but the risk is it might leave you feeling like a bitch after. Acne that won’t get fixed unless accutane, hairloss, ED, etc.

Many people report permanent side effects just from using 19 Nors, let alone abuse.

To be fair with you, I don’t think anyone should be using 700mg unless competing. Tren is not a joke, fuck it wasn’t even made for humans.

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I have to disagree based on personal experience when it comes to the mental / sexual benefits of AAS.

I abused tren and test in high doses for a long time. Nowdays, even 250mg of test (highest possible trt dose) does nothing to me. Libido issues, no energy, fatigue. Once again, keep in mind I did not cycle, but I abused AAS.

This happened multiple times when I dropped my tren and lowered my test. And at the time I would panic and up my test again.

At the end of the day, you are using compounds that affect libido and energy levels, as well as potentially dopamine (I haven’t done much research on the last part, just bro science that I’ve read). The tolerance thing definitely happened to me, but only after prolonged abuse.

If i was you and I had never tried tren e, I would try to administer the tren E1D to avoid sides. 0.15ml per day but I don’t know if you can inject 600mg tren e 0.5" IM

19Nors and the reward system in your brain is a completely different beast that not even the top experts in this field understand very well. You probably caused permanent changes in your brain, that is far from the same thing as “getting used to” a drug or building a tolerance to it. Tren essentially puts you into a chronic state of having a heightened sympathetic nervous system (being in flight or fight mode) which is exasperated with increased dose and duration, which is basically what you described. Your nervous system was basically chronically redlined for months on end I’m assuming, so a combination of that along with any brain reward system interactions can probably explain why that happened with your Tren usage