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More Training = Less Muscle?


I hear the phrase that muscle is built during recovery aka out of the gym but if I’m trying to lean bulk, doesnt training 7 days a week seem good? It helps expend calories to ensure I gain minimal fat. However some say you should only train 3-4 times a week. Why is that? I feel like that’s not enough volume or frequency. Also people like rich piana or IFBB bodybuilders train daily and they’re huge (yes I know steroids but not everyone who takes steroids gets big)

So should I train daily? I get paranoid over gaining fat during the lean bulk. Thanks


The training is the stimulus that tells your body to build muscle. It does this, in the most basic terms, by breaking down your muscle tissue. This then tells your body it needs to recover and build muscle.

If you spend too much time breaking the muscle down, you are not spending enough time recovering and building it back up.

Training 4 days a week is plenty. If you are worried about getting fat then approach your diet with the same enthusiasm you approach training.


Appreciate it


Any more suggestions


What Yogi said…


Huge? Rich Piana is basically a skeleton.


Bruh too soon.






Do you mean “is anyone going to agree with my plan”?

When coming up with schemes that are completely different to what most experienced and successful trainers are recommending, it’s useful to ask why they don’t recommend it. Or try it and find out.


Yup, steroids. And 10+ years experience. Their bodies can handle more for two reasons. But seriously, steroids.


Depends exactly what you’re doing in each workout and, more importantly, it depends on your nutrition. The idea of G-Flux is, essentially, train a bunch and eat a bunch to get a bunch of results. That would be one way to handle training 7 days a week, but it’s easy to screw up by underestimating the diet part.

“Only training 3-4 times a week” doesn’t actually tell anything about volume or frequency. It’s very easy to design a 3-4 day/week program that uses either high volume or high frequency.

I’m not sure I caught it in any of your other threads, but roughly how “fat” are you now? Love handles and no definition? 4/6-pack abs?

No. It’s unnecessary for your goal and would lead to more problems than it solves.


6 Day a week is usually the most you should train but 4 days wont be bad either.I do a P/P/L
twice each week.Push/Pull/Legs. I do one heavy session and a light session for most bodyparts. Personally I feel like training 7 days a week is too much and might hinder recovery. And unless your like me without a family or job training 5-6 days a week will be hard too to keep up with.


Surely it depends entirely what you do in those 7 days? Something akin to Dan John’s simple strength program or simple and sinister would be Absolutely fine, trying to do some Smolov inspired squatting hell 7 days a week is obviously not something anyone would agree to sober.


It also depends on the trainee’s ability to recover, primarily as a result of their own work capacity.


? Is recovery rate genetic? Or does your body adapt


A little of both


Both. And also what you proactively do to help yourself recover.


Appropriate recovery from exercise allows you to train at higher volumes and intensities, and prevents injury and overtraining.


Don’t go to crazy and train too much, eat foods and sleep lots