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I’ve got another question so I’ll move this away from the Get A Life forum. Although it was a tough choice on where to put it.
Anyway, you mention lack of flouride in water being a problem with cavities. I find this strange because there are plenty of people who’ve been living with just regular water all their lives (and don’t use toothpaste either) and have perfect teeth.

For those who haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about good ole’ Weston A. Price’s native tribes.
The same guys who, when modern civilization caught up with them, began having massive tooth decay.

Maybe they started eating refined sugars, which promote tooth decay?

flouride is a poison and does not prevent cavities. in fact flouride causes many health problems. please dont believe everything the govt feeds you.

[quote]jimbo8936 wrote:
flouride is a poison and does not prevent cavities. in fact flouride causes many health problems. please dont believe everything the govt feeds you.[/quote]

This is actually not true. TOPICAL flourides do strengthen enamel and help to prevent decay. However, it does not take the place of the three varients which are bacteria, carbohydrates and oral hygeine. That means, someone who gets topical fluoride treatments could still get cavities due to poor hygeine or out of control bacterial colonies. There is much debate, however, as far as toxicity in DRINKING WATER. First, understand that there is a difference between topical fluoride and systemic fluoride that results from ingestion.

Systemic fluoride, what you get from drinking water, helps the teeth during development. That means up until around the age that your “adult” teeth are formed in the bones of your jaws is where they exert their beneficial effect. The debate continues because there is little that shows SYSTEMIC fluoridation to help at all past that point. It would seem that TOPICAL applications, like those found in toothpaste or what you get at your dentist would provide the most benefit.

Another part of the debate involves the way that fluoride is introduced into the water supply (through the introduction of fluorine):

"The chemicals used to fluoridate 90% of public drinking water are industrial grade hazardous wastes captured in the air pollution-control scrubber systems of the phosphate fertilizer industry, called silicofluorides. (“Fluorine Recovery in the Fertilizer Industry - A Review,” Phosphorus & Potassium, No. 103, Sept/Oct 1979.) "

“Dr. John Colquhoun, Principal Dental Officer, in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, wrote " … tooth decay had declined, but there was virtually no difference in tooth decay rates between the fluoridated and non-fluoridated places. Those (statistics) for 1981 showed that in most Health Districts the percentage of 12- and 13-year-old children who were free of tooth decay ? that is, had perfect teeth ? was greater in the non fluoridated part of the district.”

This is significant by pointing out that the issue isn’t just fluoride treatment, but overall dental care.

1 part per million is considered optimal as far as Fluoride supplementation in drinking water according to the ADA (0.7-1.2 ppm). This article will help you understand how Fluoride supplementation is determined by your dentist based on the amount that a child receives…a chart is near the bottom of the page:

Greater amounts of SYSTEMIC fluoride can lead to fluorosis if this occurs while the teeth are forming (before they erupt into your mouth). This is diagnosed by a tooth discoloration mostly in the form of white streaks on the teeth but can be more drastic in extreme cases. The discoloring is permanent which presents another argument as far as whether it is needed SYSTEMICALLY in drinking water.

For your own education, NEVER rely on only one source for the info you believe and understand that there are web sites devoted to nothing but scare tactics. That doesn’t make everything they say true just like you should not believe EVERYTHING you read from anywhere.


The bottom line is, yes, there is a debate as to whether we should allow our water to be fluoridated. The answer is also, yes, fluoride does help protect your teeth most noteably in topical applications. Is it a mind control plot bent on taking control of your mouth and your body? No.

As far as the original question of how some tribes do not get decay until they are Americanized, this has to do with the BACTERIAL component. The truth is, you would never get a cavity had your mother never nursed you and you had avoided contact with any humans where the bacteria are present. This is why those same tribes begin to get decay if presented with “civilized” cultures.

[quote]jimbo8936 wrote:
flouride is a poison and does not prevent cavities. in fact flouride causes many health problems. please dont believe everything the govt feeds you.[/quote]

Cy Willson nicely debunked Mercola’s scare tactics concerning flouride here:

Good stuff, Prof. X.

[quote]jimbo8936 wrote:
flouride is a poison and does not prevent cavities. in fact flouride causes many health problems. please dont believe everything the govt feeds you.[/quote]

That’s right, soldier!

Flouridation is the vanguard of the international Communist conspiracy to impurify and destroy all our precious bodily fluids.

I drink nothing but distilled rain water, and grain alcohol made from distilled rain water.

Have you ever seen a Commie drink water, Professor X? Vodka, that’s all they drink…

I just researched this. I totally agree with ProfX, and will further submit though that besides the topical application of toothpaste, one should try to drink as little municipal water as possible.

Besides the fluorides and chlorine there may be many other potential problems. The distribution systems are ancient and are becoming more and more contaminated with bacteria each year. Not to mention, the “city water” you drink is only as clean as the faucet/fountain. I know it’s a pain in the arce for those of you on a shoe-string budget or living in a dorm at college, but do the best you can to attach filters to your potable water sources if possible and/or use pitchers with filters built in like Britta and Pur.

In general, I wouldn’t rely on Uncle Same to keep me safe - for years they have pushed dairy as an anti-osteoporosis treatment, when in fact the highest incident in bone fragility is in the highest consuming dairy countries!

On a further note, coffee is being found to have anti-bacterial properties that can actually help stop or retard enamel decay. Along with some carotenes as anti-oxidants, researchers are finding that 2 or more cups per day reduces the occurrence of type II diabetes by 50% in men!

[PM me for references]


The pest control guy sprays our office with a preventative dose to keep roaches away. The main ingredient of the spray is FLOURIDE. I don’t think I want roach poison in my mouth!

let me ask you guys a question; would you hand your child some poison and tell him/her to rinse their mouth and rub it into their gums? this is exactly what we are doing; it says right on the tube that it is poison and to contact a poison control center if swallowed. But since you think it might strengthen your teeth but aren’t sure if it stops cavities(it does not;just look at all the cavities out there) it is ok to use this stuff. AND I’M THE ONE THAT IS BRAIN WASHED. IF YOU THINK THE HIGHER UPS (ie government) ARE HONEST AND ARE OUT FOR YOUR BEST INTERESTS, THEN YOU ARE SADLY DECEIVED. by the way, you should not beleive everything you are taught in college. Nothing personal against anyone, but the fact is flouride is a poison and we are told it stops cavities but almost everyone has cavities thus this poison is not doing its job.

Look up some of the theories on the word Hormesis. It is a valid theory. Add to this some of the research done on the dreaded strontium 90.Its mortality coeficeint is only about (6*10)^-17. then calm down man.its gonna be okay.