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More to Love (TV Show)


I just saw a commercial for a new series on Fox about plus-size individuals looking for love. So is this good for teaching positive body image, or encouraging fatasses to be lazy fatasses?



Yay, just what we want to see on tv....people we can see at Wal-Mart on the average night.


If the Earth rumbles any time soon, I will now know why. These land-whales will have hooked up and done the nasty.


what, b/c 2 white people are pictured you think of wal-mart? that's racist, my people are greatly offended :wink:


I'm guessing this will bomb.

People, for the most part want to see pretty people on TV. Biggest Loser being a semi exception to the rule, because if you don't start getting "pretty" they send your ass home.




It will be a favorite among the tubbies, that's for sure.


Have you not seen Discovery Health Channel or TLC? Seems like every day there's something about rare genetic disorders that cause facial abnormalities, 1000lb men who can't wipe their asses, and plastic surgeries gone wrong. People eat that shit up.

In shape pretty people on TV make insecure people feel bad.


I guess what I should have said was Network tv likes pretty people.


does anyone else on this site wonder if ppl on fat acceptance sites speak so much about bodybuilders? the lack of discussion lately on this board is of slight concern to me


Source?? I'd love to see this.


im only posting so fry and bender are close