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More to Love... More to Hate?


So in my usual channel surfing, I saw something about a new show, which is like the bachelor except with overweight chicks instead of the usual slim and bang-able, the only reason I even watch the bachelor. Now I don't have anything against fat people (we already have a thread for that) its just the one aspect of the show producers are apparently promoting. These 300lb+ behemoths are calling themselves "normal" and "real" girls... seriously? If these are the normal girls, I'd rather go join a seminary for a life of celibacy... either that or I need to get in a serious relationship with my right hand. end rant.


My husband is in seminary... he is pretty uncelibate...
I think you meant monastery.


and another stupid "I hate fat people" thread.....


well it is an American show with American people, normal in America is overweight.


This is just an attempt to grab the eye of the fat, useless piece of trash housewives, or fat single fatties. Makes them feel better about themselves, so the show gets higher viewer ratings.


Whenever I go down past the border into the US of A, I immediately notice that there are more fat people.


Ah yea, my bad, i meant monastery :slight_smile:

I don't hate fat people, I just have a problem with people suddenly saying that being heavily obese is ok and even normal.