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More Thibaudeau Articles

The people demand them! :slight_smile:

Seriously TC, Shugs. We know you guys have 'em. Don’t tease us, that’s just cruel!

Yes, I know we had one last week. We need (even) more.

The peasantry must be satiated, lest they storm the Bastille.

Hear, hear!!!

Must…have…12-week transformation article.

Tell him to get his new book out quick, I’m to lazy to read Arthur Drechsler’s Weightlifting Encyclopedia. Excellent thought it is, I want a new book!

Ike, my man, you crack me up! Seriously, your relationship with CT reminds me of mine with JB. That’s excellent, Ike. We all need mentors in our lives and I don’t think you could’ve chosen a better one.

I also have an unquenchable thirst for more knowledge bombs from the Ice Dog.

I really am looking forward to that book, too.

Once again, it shows that T-Mag is cream of the crop.

Keep 'em coming! Thibaudeau’s articles are the best. Ike, I don’t really count his article last week as it was geared more toward chicks (or maybe I was just embarrassed by the strength of the girl in the article).
Alternating an article from Thibaudeau and Waterbury each week would definitley satisfy me.

Hell yeah!
The first thing I check for is a CT article and if there read that first.

I think he has something like 15-20 articles submitted, how about doing a catchup on them and produce a few CT only issues midweek?

On a semi related issue, there seems to be less lately from Ian King, reason?

Yea, seriously, i can’t wait for the transformation article.

CT’s articles are the Sh!t!

Luv um.

Yeah, I like those Thibideau articles.

i agree

From what I know, this coming from people I know who are in personal contact with Ian King on a weekly basis, the reason we haven’t heard much about or from Ian is that he has changed his focus and the majority of his time and effort. Physical Preparation, as he refers to it, is a small part of his business right now and he is more involved in wealth creation in the business world. He even stated this not too long ago in an interview several issues ago saying that the financial and personal well-being of his family today and in the future is his priority right now. I think we just have to be happy that there are the young, up-and-coming and present stars of the training world such as CT and Waterbury keeping us well informed.

We like Thib’s articles, too. But remember, EVERY major contributor to T-mag has several articles submitted and waiting to be published. I have 6 or 7 myself. Waterbury, Davies, and King have several too. So we have to balance it out every week - a little training, a little nutrition, some fun stuff, an interview or drug article etc. Then there’s the balance between bodybuilding, powerlifting, athletic preparation etc.

Besides, if we ran a Thibaudeau article every week, you’d gripe “How am I supposed to know which program to pick? By the time I finish one, there’s five more to choose from!”

(This actually happens already. We get griped out for provided too much good info.) Or we’d get letters from those who prefer other coaches griping about us not publishing their programs.

So, for we editors, we have to balance it out the best we can. Usually, we do this by not posting an article by the same coach two weeks in a row. Don’t worry, “The Thib” will be around a long time and you’ll see a lot more articles from him in the future.

. . . So, every week you publish a Thibaudeau, a Davies, a Waterbury and a King! Duh!

Seriously though, I’ve got my Powerfirm shoes now less yacking more publishing. I need help with these Olympic lifts. :wink:

“A nods as good as a wink to a blind bat.”

Shugs speaks some sense I think. Hell, the wait is half the excitement! Anyway, the splurge of good authors on T-Mag means there’s always something each week to tickle the interest.

I’d like to toss out a vote for more Thibs. Chad, we could use some more of your stuff. I’m still getting laughs at the gym from some of the exercises out of your last program, so I know it’s good.