More Than You Can Handle

I’m getting back into lifting after a year off and losing 40lbs from partying like a rockstar. My program is extremely high frequency and I used it to great success in the past. I came up with it after running “kelei full body A/B” a while back. I look at operate on high frequency, high volume weekly, and high intensity but low daily volume. I’m in the beginner stage ATM so take “high volume” with a grain of salt. I’m looking to gain some srs strength and size quickly from my muscle memory so we will see how this goes. I’ve been hitting some upper body off and on for a month and made gainz but I am bucking down to make some real progress.

I AMRAP the first set and go for 12 reps, then do more test pause till I hit 20 reps. The slashes are for supersets. I if I do the dip I don’t incline and vice versa but always do row and pull up. I rotate rdl and squat and do one set of 20. I also add leg curls in between sets leading up to squats on squat day but just to warm my knees. Frequency is 5-7x per week.

Pull Up/dip
Rdl or Squat
Hammer Curl/Decline Dumbbell Tricep Extensions
DB Curl/ V-bar push down
Side raise

30 mins or less

I should run after but I’ll probably just walk my dog because I hate cardio.

Height: 5’11
Weight 169
Arms: 15
Forearm: 12.5
Chest: 42
Hips: 37
Waist: 31
Calves: 14.5
Thighs: 22
Wrist: 7.25

Lifts 6 weeks ago
B: 205
S: 215
D: 325

I’ve been lurking forever so I look forward to finally participating and getting feedback as well as maybe opening up some ideas for the rest of you.

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Pull Up/dip bw+45x12/bw+45x 20 35 total reps
DB row 100x14 25 total reps
Rdl 165x20
Hammer Curl/Decline Dumbbell Tricep Extensions 60x12/60x10
DB Curl/ V-bar push down 50x10/80x20 30 total
Side raise 50x25 40 total
Duration: 25 mins
Total volume : 33,325lbs

Good workout, did a keslo shrug for each rep on the rdl since they were light. Keeping them light though so I can focus on the squats. I ran super squats in the last and my rdls went to shit from omitting them but I’m going to keep them this time at the same weight as my squat as long as possible. Might get a second dip belt rigged for my pull up dip combo so I don’t have to change the weights each time. Good pump and got in and out fast. Walked the dog a couple miles. He’s got a 4lb back pack, upping the weight 1 lb every week or 2 to get the boy jacked.

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Pull Up bw+55x12
DB row/Incline 100x14 25 total reps/185x12
Squat 185x20
Hammer Curl/Decline Dumbbell Tricep Extensions 60x12/60x12
Side raise 40x35 65 total

Pull Up bw+60x12
DB row/Bench 100x15 25 total reps/205x11
RDL 185x20
Hammer Curl/V-bar pushdown 65x12/100x20
Side raise 40x50

durration 15 mins
wasnt feeling a pump and bench felt weird on my shoulder so i got in and got tf out. RDL feels powerful. Im tempted to make a srs jump in my weigtht but going to ride out the slow gainz. Should reach 275 for 20 before i stall if all goes well.