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More Than One Way To Eat A Grow! Bar

Now that I find myself freezing Grow! Bars and warming them up in the microwave… it reminds me of those old time Reese’s commercials

The day they came out I put an order in for two boxes. I have 10 left in my first box, and I have had them for 10 days. So I am averaging two bars a day.

Now that these long-awaited puppies are out from the Biotest kennel… has anyone developed any special Grow! Bar rituals?

I pretty much bang down 2 at a pop. For me, they are a perfect travel food. I had to go to a wedding in Boston yesterday, was rushing around to get up to it and I did NOT want to just settle for McDonald’s or something when I got hungry. Grow! Bars were perfect, you don’t worry about them going bad (although I probably would not leave them in a hot car during the Summer).

Also, I get pretty busy at work and it’s nice to be able to pop open my snack drawer at work and have something quick to grab before a meeting.