More Than One Exercise per Body Part

Dr Darden --do you know of anyone doing at least 2 exercises per body part(ex–dips followed by flyes) 30-10-30 style?Has anyone on this board tried it?I was thinking of setting up a program with this in mind.Thanks for your replies.

The specialization routines in Dr D’s eBook focus on just that! His are more Pre-Fatigue in nature, so to use your own example:
Norammly, it’s Flyes followed by Dips, with little or no rest.
However, with the length/TUL of a 30/10/30 set, I’d say rest ~15-20 seconds between the two:

  1. there will still be plenty of carryover and
  2. the rest will allow to use a somewhat more substantial load on the 2nd part.
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I’ve sometimes done that especially for back or quads. For back, there’s sometimes a width movement (pulldowns, pullovers) and a thickness movement (row). For quads, leg extensions followed by leg presses makes it hard to walk away from the equipment.

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I must have recommended this specialization routine a dozen times. In fact, it’s great! Thank you @Ellington_Darden!

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