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More Texas Shootings...


It will be interesting to see the verdict in this case. Road rage is a bitch as we all know. I wonder who pulled the gun first?

It'll be hard for the dead kid to make a case as he is dead for one,he was apparantly driving illegally and also owned a handgun illegally.

Due to his age though, I would imagine the media will stir up sensationalistically fueled heart ache in the public and the shooter will have a difficult time proving self defense.

In my opinion, the shooter is lucky to have been carrying a gun. He ran in to a punk with apparently no regard for the law and found a gun drawn on him. It's a good thing he was able to fire the first shot and protect himself.



Why is a 15 yr old driving a Cadillac at 3:45am with a handgun?


Damn, Texas gets all the publicity.

Nobody reports all the killings in Louisiana and we get a lot of them. Hell, New Orleans is setting new records in the event like it were an Olympic sport.

Being in Louisiana is like being the red-headed step brother to the high school's star quarterback.


Everyone knows that anything bad that happens in NOLA is Bush's fault, or FEMA's fault. All the murders are the direct result of Bush hating black people. Just ask Kanye.


If the 30 year old brandished his gun first, he should do time, otherwise I don't see how anybody but the kid's parents could be held responsible.


Lots of murders happen in Texas too, but deaths are only reported when a law is questioned that makes perfect sense to Texas and not the rest of the nation, as in the old man's case in Houston; or when there is enough potential sensationalism to draw an audience as with the case of a 15 year old flashing a gun on a freeway and getting shot by yet another gun wielding Texan.

These stories aren't even murders in my opinion but Texas has a reputation and enough "mystique" to draw a listening ear from outsiders who can't fathom the desire to protect ones self or property. The stories make for exotic news.


Regardless of who pulled the gun first, that 30 year-old man should have taken his grown ass away from that argument and continued driving away. That's just stupid.



Sure there is. People get angry on the road as well as other places. Anger on the road is known as road rage. This is a classic example.


You've obviously never had your tight, tight bike shorts go swamp ass on you in the middle of July...that sends me into a pedaling frenzy. Woe to the muscle-y arm paperboy that cuts me off THAT day!


occasionally suburban streets, but usually when the rage breaks out I'm in to the more hardcore interstates and urban loops. I often notice the road rage is most prevalent when interstates are stacked with rush hour traffic.