More Test vs Stacking?

Hello guys,

Just a hypothetical question about increasing Test versus stacking it with other products.

If one takes 600mg Test E and 400mg Deca per week, that’s about 1000mg of gear in total. What’s the difference if he simply takes 1000mg of Test E per week? Is there some kind of diminishing return when using a high dosage of a single product? Or is stacking like 1+1 = 3?


You can only gain so much with Test, thats why you add other compounds for different goals. Test+Deca will do alot more for you that 1g of test, in terms of strength and size.

1g of test you might gain a little more strength, and a little more water compared to 600mg

The additional gains:additional side effects ratio starts to diminish pretty quickly after 750mg of Test.

1+1 = 3 is more accurate. Stacking is best, its why we do it.

After a certain point more test really just gets you more strength, but it does that very well.

Pretty much always until you hit 2-4 grams a week. You can just keep upping the test and it keeps working just fine.

Yes you hit noticeable diminishing returns after about a gram a week, some people mention 750mg, I say 1000mg, pretty close.
But putting more test on top always works, throw another gram, you get stronger, another gram, stronger.

“Test is best” is a common saying for a reason, its cheap, its a hormone that your body is comfortable with, with estrogen controlled it has almost no side effects, it does everything very well, and it does not suffer diminishing returns nearly as fast as other drugs.

But jacks of all trades tend to be a master of none. If your looking to prioritize adding tissue, you need to add a compound that is a more dedicated anabolic, deca, tren, EQ.

Hence stacking, but a smart user does not cycle without test unless they have to, its cheap, its effective, its hassle free.

Thanks for the replies guys.

@ Westclock: what would you prefer to stack? Deca or EQ?

[quote]Dahollow wrote:
Thanks for the replies guys.

@ Westclock: what would you prefer to stack? Deca or EQ?[/quote]

I personally despise Deca. I would consider using NPP if the price was right due to a shorter half life, but even then I would have to be dealing with some joint issues to consider it, I steer clear of deca in general.

If Im willing to go the riskier route then I am going to use tren, not deca. Its a better drug, just uncomfortable.

Deca is great for the joints, a brilliant anabolic, usually quite cheap, and is easily available all over.

EQ isnt quite as strong, dosed high enough it does the job well, and the appetite boost is a huge advantage. Its safer and easier to use, just weaker.

I would use Test/EQ and MANY people do, including pros, due to personal preference, but know that Test/Deca is a better option for pure gains and cost.

I can understand 1+1=3, but does 1+1+1=4?

Each hormone serves a purpose. People can easily throw in 3,4 or even 5 compounds in a cycle. You could run a Test/deca/EQ cycle, throw in a dbol kick start and finish up with var to harden you up.