More Test Makes You More Conservative

We are a little light on the 250+ mg/week range although there are some scattered data points I may go back and look for.

Thanks for sharing your data.

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This post is such a classic:

Kudos to you @GiveHonest64 !!


I put myself about as far bottom-right as one can go.

Purple is the color of royalty and law graduate colors, just saying.

So does this chart include both intact and shutdown HPTA cases or do we need two charts…what you are and what you would be without electricity and local Walgreens / UGL?

My guess is @bauber has 100 years of TC “TRT” supply just in case.


I am always prepared.

Even in the apocalypse, I will still be joocy and tan.


yeah, i have had like 30,000 and 3000 with like 5 days difference, so im not wasting more money on checking that out… people here have lived without those labs for 30 years and all got results based on a look or a feel.
lets be real… lets say my labs come back 30,000… but i look like shit… does that mean i lower the dose just cause the labs say i have a lot of test? probably not…
lets say they come back 3000 but i feel like it works… should i tripple the dose? no.

The way i see it, checking labs for gear quality is like looking at the watch while waiting for a bus. Just because you know what time it is, and know when the bus should arrive, it wont make it arrive faster. I always wonder why people obsess about bus schedules or for example - when they wait for food delivery they look at the app 10 times, to see if its still “arrives in 10min”. It will be here when it will be here, no matter what the app says, no matter if you know when, and just because you know that its late already, it doesnt mean it will arrive faster.

So what im trying to say is… unless you are in a forever 200mg/wk club, it doesnt matter what your test is on the paper - what matters is that you take enough to make gains, and if you dont make gains, any number on the paper will never fix your problems and lack of benefits from the gear.
Taking less because its “less bad” is an ok idea, if you dont have any goals. Lets say you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Taking less gear but for 20 years, to achieve what could have been done in 6, still comes down to same amount of gear used. So i dont think i agree with the low dose phylosophy for athletes with serious goals. As the total dosage will be the same, its just spread out in a longer period of time, but you also achieve what you wanted when you are 45 years old, and maybe you wont even care about it then. Its kinda the same with “do bloodowork on a blast and be healthy”. KNOWING that your shit is bad doesnt make you healthy. There is 0 point to do bloodwork on a blast if you are not going to stop the blast if it turns out bad. Most people just do bloodwork, know its bad, and continue. If thats the case, there is no reason to do bloodwork at all. Its the same with test… if you are going for the result, it doesnt matter what the lab says you have in you - you will adjust the dose based on the need and the feel and the look, not by numbers on the paper. People used gear 20 years before any of the labwork was available. Somehow they managed to get the dosages right.

No, im not. I said that i DONT CARE to be involved in your typical talks on that topic. As i said - i like what you bring to the forum, but its a bit much since every topic gets turned away from the goal to use PEDs to enhance performance, and to “150mgs a week forever” talk and i just find that a bit annoying because i really miss talking with people who are here to achieve stuff. And you have never showed any interest in loging your training, showing us your progress, pictures, lifts, nothing. So basically you dont want to participate in the sport but you want to critique…i can promise to respect your rights to do that but i cant promise that i will always respond with enthusiasm in cases like the one you quoted, because sometimes i really rather talk to the dumbass who wants to take tren while he weighs 170lbs, than to someone who has no interest in any of this at all - because the first one is just dumb, but he likes the same thing i do… the second one doesnt give a shit, he just wants to shine with questions and answers, which is cool if someone asks, but its many times misplaced because sometimes… no one asked.
I have never had this experience in my life because being a kid in eastern europe is much different than in US, but i can go by what i have seen in the movies… This is like the movie American Pie, where guys just fuck cake and girls are dumb and everyone has fun, but then there is that 1 guy who always has all the latest info on AIDS and all the STDs that he shares while another guy is fucking a girl… its just - annoying, even tho he wants to do what he believes is right. So all i did there, was that i said that i dont care for the topic of your interest at that moment. I believe that it was very un-trenny approach, hah. So is this message.

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All sorts of manly.

What, did you google “gay lumberjacks”? RIP for your google search recommendations lol.

I’d argue gay lumberjacks are more manly than this

Okay wait, i got more

Okay I’m done lolz


Yup, haha. Was curious what would pop up.

Just “lumberjacks” didn’t yield much different results though…

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I’ll concede that if you scroll far enough, you will find gay lumberjacks. To be fair: Gay lumberjacks are still lumberjacks, although the type of lumber they’re jacking is subject to interpretation.

I made myself lol

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You can’t tell me that the dude on the far right in the pic in the upper left corner isn’t straddling that log in a suggestive way.

The guys on the bottom left are maybe too heterosexual. The way they’re staring at that girl is making me uncomfortable.

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You’re projecting.

I’m 100% confident that movie ends in DP.

Genuinely appreciating the direction this conversation turned lol. Reminds me of some bullshit convos I had in my military days

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I have a difficult time understanding all this sexual preference and identity stuff.

In the 1960’s every guy called every other guy a queer, yet none of us ever knew one.

I just feel like the media is trying to brainwash me. Maybe I just woke up in an alternate universe.


I’m willing to bet there was at least one guy who just too ashamed/uncomfortable/scared to admit it. That’s what my grandma has said when a couple of people she knew from her youth turned out to be gay at age 40+.


The information from the first sentence is insufficient to make the conclusion you did in the second sentence unless the “sport” you are referring to is sharing your pics and lifts on the forum to internet strangers. If that is what you are referring to, then I’m guilty. I am not in that sport. I think we already discussed this but you and I make our living in different ways.

I think you are correct. Probably 90-99% of readers don’t care or want the information I provide. They ask the questions but don’t really want the information as you have stated on here. Most of the time they just want some group “feel good” rationalization. It is sort of a waste of my time but in my head I think there 1-10% of readers who may appreciate the info and genuinely want to learn. Perhaps more intermittent time in the TRT section and leaving the Pharma section. I envision my time in the Pharma section is like some dude rolling into a crack house and yelling “Jesus Saves, Jesus, Saves!” Christ tareload, stop that, you are going to give us a heart attack.

Thanks for the feedback. I should scale back.

Appreciate you taking the time. Like I always said, I think you are doing pretty darn awesome busting all this out in your third language. I think that is why I give you crap as you seem to be a conscientious/intelligent dude but we all gotta be who we are.


How do athletes like Lebron James fit in here?

How does Lyndsey Graham fit?

If you’re not an outlier, you’re just average. And who the hell wants to just be average?

Distributions are not the mean and a few outliers.
Get a little education about distributions

Chill out my guy, It was a riff on the perception of people being outliers as generally negative. Not meant to be a statistical analysis.