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More Terrorism 10-31-17. NYC Home Depot Truck and Shots Fired

Guy rented a truck. News still developing. At least 7 dead. Reportedly shouted Aloha Snackbar.

The perpetrator seems to be Uzbek.

I wouldn’t want to play the armchair strategist in the wake of such a terrible tragedy where innocent people have lost their lives, but just a few taking important details:

Uzbeks were under Russian/Soviet rule and for centuries, and as a consequence adhere to a specific Russian inspired dress code - suit pants/jeans, a white shirt and possibly a leather jacket. Also, they’re clean shaven, which is a hugely important point.

If an Uzbek wears a neckbeard like the perpetrator of this attack, it means he’s a Salafi - radical. Simple as that. Saudi funded (surprise, surprise) extremists who call themselves "Turkestani or “Bukhari”.

If you’d arrest an Uzbek with an neckbeard, chances for a false positive would be pretty low.


Caution: A profanity laced rant, not PC and not acceptable for all and I would skip it and go to the next poster. I have a lot of years fighting this shit:

Yesterday I was in the Wazir Akbar Khan area, when one of the local Afghans decided to engage in the most popular sport for radical (?) Muslims, which is blowing yourself up to kill others. Very popular sport, better than soccer, since you can be either Sunni or Shiite and still have all the reasons and targets you need. The last count I got was 14 dead and 17 wounded, but, in all honesty this was just another day of killing and didn’t really register on my radar, since, I have seen much worse. Got to be faithful to this religion of peace.

I had an early flight to HKIA this morning so I was up at 0330 am, which is 1900/7:00 pm EST in the states and turned on AFN to get some states news, well, what I heard was another terror attack in NYC, committed by another ISIS/Radical/ Muslim piece of shit. Fuck, just Fuck, another piece of shit screaming his love for Allah, someone that our glorious Department of State let in the country on one of their fucking special visa programs. Fuck the DoS; they will kiss another county’s ass until their lips bleed.

Then I hear from the breathless commenters, that this asshole was targeting children that had just been released from school, on Halloween for God’s sake, that’s right ,you filthy piece of cowardly shit, let’s be a true warrior of ISIS and kill kids and people on bikes. Run over and break children in half for your glorious caliphate. You should have been attacked by the crowd of survivors and had your fucking head cut off and displayed on the fucking school bus you attacked.

Did you see the asshole walking between the taxis, carrying his little pellet and paint gun pistols? Did you see him point those guns at numerous victims? Did you see ANYONE with any type of weapon try to stop him while he was waiting for “death by police”? Of course you didn’t, because the state and local politicians wipe their ass with the 2th Amendment. Did you see that cop hating, ultra-liberal piece of shit Bill Blasio, standing at the podium saying “we will prevail”? Fuck you.

What if the guns had been real? What if he got out walked over to that school bus and systematically shot each one of those children? Do you think that bus driver or anyone near was armed? Fuck no. Better dead kids than the right to protect yourself. POS Blasio would already been screaming for more gun control, when NYC is as close to a totalitarian city as you can get. Fuck you.

Our country is a fucking mess, we have lost the will to protect our own, and we have lost the will to stand up to anything that is against our values. Example: I actually heard a CNN commentator tell Anderson Cooper that “we should not actually call him a terrorist, we don’t know that yet” What the fuck? are you so PC whipped you cannot tell the fucking truth? Wake up, you stupid fucking moron, we are at war. I am sick and fucking tired of the USG ( my employer ) telling me on a monthly basis that Islam is a religion of peace, that we must work with our devout brothers, give me a fucking break, call it like it is, a religion of death.



The terrorist came here on a “diversity visa,” a rather stupid idea originated by a extremely stupid member of my tribe, Chaim “Chuck” Shumer.

Visas should be based on merit, not diversity, and the burden to prove that a proposed immigrant is not a radicalized asshole should be on the person applying for immigration.

In the mean time, 8 people are dead and 11 injured for “diversity.”


They should kill this fucker slow… Cant believe this sick fuck had a wife and 3 kids and tried to run over kids on Haloween


Cuomo, DeBlasio, Schumer “Doesn’t help to politicize this attack.”

What they were saying in the hours after Las Vegas?

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“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

-Rahm Emanuel

If true, de Blasio should be kicked out of his job, post haste.


Bit of a misleading headline. The Imam didn’t know this loser personally. He knew that the Islamic community was “radicalizing” and warning about it.

The thing is, the Imam in the article is Iranian, so he’s a Shia. The perp pledged alliegance to ISIS, a salifist Sunni group. They never would have been in the same mosque anyway.

“Imam Mohammad Tawhidi, an Iranian born Muslim reformist”

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Ah, my bad then. Saw the headline while walking, my bad for trusting the BS editorialization.

I wasn’t sure why, but I encountered many Uzbeks working as garage staff and valets in Manhattan, especially around Chinatown and Upper East Side. Although they’re distinctive most people who haven’t good Eastern Bloc experience couldn’t single them out and would usually lump them together using that maddeningly vague term “Asians”.

Whenever I ran into one of them I asked “hey, what’s an Uzbek doing in NYC” while dropping into Russian. Usually, they freaked out a little* but immediately started talking - the gist of what pretty much all of them said is when Islam Karimov (the late president of Uzbekistan**) allowed the US to use his country airfields post 9/11 as a staging area for operations in Afghanistan, he struck a deal with GWB which not only included a brib…I mean, “foreign aid” but an unofficial immigration quota for Uzbeks.

I never checked the veracity of those statements, but the uncharacteristically large sample speaks for itself…

*Beating up Uzbek migrant workers is a popular pastime in Russia, from police officers, to Slavic white nationalists and neonazis, with murders being commonplace. Uzbeks usually do the shittiest jobs available and are treated likewise in Russia.

**Islam Karimov was quite a character. While others Central Asian dictators boiled people alive, Karimov made it his signature move for opposition activists. His family was also in the spotlight a few years back in the Russian language part of internet when his pop-star daughter Gulnara Karimova tried to organize a palace coup against her mother, sister and uncle while feuding with them live on Twitter. Think Game of Thrones meets Kardashians.

Imam Tawhidi is really an outstanding guy, proudly continuing the centuries old tradition of Persian Quran scholarship. Just shows the reformist potential in Iran and Shia Islam should they finally succeed in overthrowing the mullahs.


Rant more, many of us here feel the exact same way you do. Keep your head down and watch your six.