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Like some of you I live up here in the frozen north of Canada, and more specifically Alberta. I was just wondering if I will ever be able to get T2 up here, or will it be banned? You know what they say about suppliments in Canada, we have protein powder and bee pollin, it’s just a matter of time before they take my protein…

you can actually get anything up here. you just have to find a resourceful store. if that fails then simply order it from the states. Biotest will ship to Canada no problem. Thats how I gor my first Androsol before finding a place to get it here in Canada already

Hey Thunder!
Where in Canada were you able to find it?

Hey Thunder,

Do you live in Canada? How do you get Androsol?
How many times have you ordered from Biotest?
Ever get caught?
I live in Vancouver.

Hey Jonathan!
I’m from Van as well… guess we may have to take a road trip south. High taxes I can stand… not being able to max T due to government intrevention is unacceptable… no wonder everyone from here is moving south.

I live in Ontario actually. I have ordered from Biotest a few times without troubles. The first order was for 12 bottles in fact. But now i buy it retail over here since the shipping that Biotest hits you with pretty much negates the deal they offer. I just go into the store i buy my stuff at and get it there. All the Biotest stuff is available. you just have to look.

I’ve looked everywhere out here for it.
Thunder, any chance of dropping names? what store and where in Ont.?
I’m an Ottawa boy from many moons ago.

Any stores that you can name where you found the Biotest line… so far I’ve only found ZMA, Tribex and Ribose-C… I’d like some Grow!, Surge, Advanced Protein, MD6 and maybe some T2… what stores should I check?

I have seen alot of the biotest lineup, but not all of it in Ca.
Hopefully Thunder will let us know who we can contact in Ont.c for Androsol.
Anyone from T-mag able to shed some light on where some starving canucks can find it ?