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More Supplements to Try


Want to know peoples experience with these supplements i'm looking to try for the first time in the new year.

Citrulline malate at 25 grams pre-workout, 4 times a week.

L-glutamine at 50 grams post-workout, 4 times a week.


Also looking into di-potassium phosphate, or maybe a combination of these three with the normal creatine. What do you guys think? Any experience with these three?


Citrulline malate apparently increases energy, helps get more reps and aids recovery the same with di-potassium phosphate. L-glutamine apparently aids recovery in high doses postworkout. Has no one really tried these or done research???

Feedback would be appreciated!


These supplements are very minor and will only help if you have everything else in check. Meaning if your diet and other recovery modalities suck, these won't do anything significant.

Glutamine is only good for digestive health or for severely injured people. If neither applies to you, then scrap it.


Citrulline Malate increases water uptake by muscle cells, similar to creatine, and is a popular ingredient in a lot of peri-workout supplements on the market (ie. Anaconda, which I use and which I have been very happy with).

Glutamine is for muscle recovery, but while I used to use in when I first started playing with supplements (late 90's), these days I'm more of a BCAA fan, and don't bother with it.

Di-Potassium Phosphate- haven't had any personal experiences, so I'll any info I give you will just be relaying what I've read.



50 grams of glutamine?

How's that pork scrappings or whatever diet going?


I think people should focus on these before trying any suppplements besides protein and carb powders and fish or flax oil (if we can even consider oils and powders to be supplements):

1) Thorough nutrition education and ability to design diet.
2) Gain of 20 to 30 lbs LBM.
3) 2+ x BW squat and deadlift (maybe 2.5 x BW here) and 1.5 x BW bench press.

Men accomplished for a long, LONG time without the invention of or thought of supplements.


Thats a good basis to start off of. Ill overhear guys at the gym talk about spending about 400 bucks on supps a month yet I see them struggling with 200lb squats.


You know whats ironic? Millions of dollars are spent each year on fat burning and performace supplements yet our obesity rate is at its highest.


Brick, had any experience with insulin sensitivity supps?
(Cinnamon extract, R-ALA, etc.)
Would you recommend them?


50 grams glutamine??? won that f up your digestive system when you take it? i've heard of takin like 30 MAX for enhanced fat loss pre, intra, and postworkout but 50 is that bad?


Why take 50 grams of grams of Glutamine? Is this a dosage you have researched as being effective or is it just a number you pulled out of your a**e?! I would be very surprised if you didnt experience some form of GI distress at a dosage that high.

Citrulline malate is definitely something worth trying if you have all other aspects under lock (i,e. training, daily kcal etc). If you have access to the article I've posted below it might be worth a read.



No i didn't pull out my arse. I've read from peoples experience that 40-50 postworkout aids with recovery and energy levels dramatically. I've also read that the lower normal doses don't do shit for most people.


I don't know enough about them to recommend them. I'm not a supplement expert. Secondly, I'm also not the guy to go to because I've made good progress without supplements.

Besides, even if supplements did give me an advantage, that reward is worth it to me financially because more pounds on my bench or 10 more pounds of muscle isn't worth money to me (I don't make a living off my physique, nor does my physique impact my quality of life to a great degree so long as I look OK or better with a shirt off).

As I said a million times, I don't see any point with a lot of supplementation if someoen can't even design a diet and training program for themselves and add 20 pounds of LBM within their first year of training. Seriously, what's the point?!


I use protein powder, Gatorade powder (for PWO nutrition), and flax oil (not even a supplement).

I don't use a multi-vitamin and -mineral. I consume 6 to 10 servings of fruits and veggies per day, a lot of protein, and my starchy carbs come mostly from potatoes, enriched multi-grain bread and pasta, and brown rice.

I don't buy fish oil. I eat salmon and/or tuna almost everyday.


If you're taking in carbs you do not need that much glutamine.