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More Stupidity to Fight Over

Since there’s been so much fussin’ and ‘a fuedin’ between folks on the forum lately, I would like to talke the opportunity to mollify through the Kerosene-on-grease-fire technique. Doe TC still bogart Tim’s Snapple? How many more years of lies and accusations must we sustain before learning the truth? I think as Forumites we are ALL owed that much. Wait, allow my to modify that. ALL of use who are completely and totally ELITE should know. “Am I ELITE?,” you ponder. “How shall I know my ELITE status?”, you stammer. You just do. And all the rest of you non-ELITE fuckers can go straight to Hades. Hades! HADES! (ELITE FORUMITES GET TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS AND MISPEL SHITE). Whooooooo! (copyright Ric Flair, 1987.)





Right on MBE!

Anyone who quotes Ric Flair is ok in my book.

Damn straight, MBE. I WANNA know. So what gives, TC? DO you still bogart Tim’s Snapple? Well…do you? (at this point everything goes black and white, in a Perry Mason type of way…a stark light shines on TC on the witness stand, exposing a forehead, beads of sweat slowly appearing…).
Patricia: “thinking in film noir since this morning.”

I am typing this from a makeshift hideout in Brooklyn, NY where I am being forced to endure the hellacious living nightmare that is kin. Fortunately my little shelter here is equipped with internet access. I was able to escape while being interrogated about if and what I ate (turkey and a couple diet 7-ups).

But I digress. While consuming said turkey I had an epifany of sorts. I realize that not one of the pathetic vermin surrounding me truly knows how ELITE I am. Not even Mom, who reared, clothed and fed me (and I was chunky too), not even Mom understands the ELITEness which I possess in my possessing of ELITEness.
Forumites, I beseech you all. This is not a mere issue of would you hit it or what your MAX BENCH?!?! is while hitting it, if in fact you would hit it. I would even place this above John Roman being a sock puppet. ELITEness is a heftier issue. I feel that those of you who understand being ELITE have to come to terms with how ELITE you really are. I shall not mark it an easy task.
It is a personal journey. Not Mom, not dad, not Lulu my cat, not even my internet gf can understand what being ELITE means to me. And a buncha other folks that I like to call the Forumites. Thank you.

MBE: “Walking across water without feet. Or water. Or walking. Or feet. Since 190G.”


Brother I am still trying to figure out what you posted the first time, let alone the response to you post. Given the ELITEness of your said ELITEness I might not be ELITE enough to rise to the thought patterns of your ELITE forumites. So in this response to yours I present a question to the one and only Monkeyboy Eric that possess such ELITEness that should be revered in granduer, do some of us forumites possess a lesser form of ELITEness than yourself?

Hey Dyno, I meant to reply to this earlier in the week but I decided to do less constructive things. Take from my posts what you can and leave that which is incohoerent to future archeologists to sort out. Hehe, fuckers have their hands full, don’t they?

MBE: “Cooler than ranch dressing. Since 1944.”