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More Sore, More Better?

on a serious note…

I’ve been working out for about 4 years now the past 2 years consistently. I’ve moved to a more hypertrophy (8-12 rep range,drop sets,super sets,burn out sets) based work out program the last 4 months or so but i don’t feel as sore as when i used to lift heavy for 5-6 reps…

I mean i just started this program that i created myself for lifts that i feel work the best for my body (joints,lacking growth ect…) but being honest with myself here i don’t get that sore. I’ve read many articles and heard things like you don’t need to get sore to grow but whats the bro science on this? lol feels weird to be able to walk the next day after legs.

a little history

i’ve been a big fan of deadlifting all those years and the big three (4 if you count overhead press) but i’m not to happy with my physique.my traps are getting too big compared to my lats,my chest is getting too big for my arms, and my thighs are starting to make my calves look like kfc. I’m not a huge guy 5’8 175 and i’m kind of changing my mentality on lifting.

Its not so much how much i can lift anymore its more how i look that i care about. So my new program is more like a “evening out” phase maybe once i feel “even” if there is even such a thing i’ll go back to the big three.I plan on still dead lifting once a month with reasonable weight,going towards dumbells for chest, and sticking with the over head press because i feel like my tris are growing as a result as well as shoulders.

Any input would be greatly appreciated


soreness isn’t an indication of a good training session.

you want to do all you can in order to optimize recovery of your muscles so that you can train more frequently.

as you said, you are 5’8 175lbs, and unless you are peeled to the bone in terms of leaness, i doubt anything is as far out of balance as you suggested

Intrestingly I find that, training consitently, I get sore if I dont eat enough.

Your body adapts after lifting for longer periods of time. I know personally speaking I rarely get sore after workouts and I’ve been lifting close to 7 years for what its worth. You also by now have some idea of what your body needs when it comes to rest times, recovery and diet. I wouldn’t worry too much about whether you’re sore or not and more about how you look in the mirror at the end of the day.

Chasing soreness is probably a good guiding principle for BBing (not for strength training though), despite what people say on da Internet. However, is soreness a necessary condition for hypertrophy? Nope.

I’m curious how often Meadow’s clients get sore with all the constant exercise variety. Anyone?

[quote]infinite_shore wrote:

I’m curious how often Meadow’s clients get sore with all the constant exercise variety. Anyone?[/quote]

Bump this question.

I get sore when I do slow negatives. Also with higher reps but simply going heavier doesn’t seem to make me sore.

I would say from someone that rotates their lifts, very sore. I don’t train with the top goal being hypertrophy and rotating my lifts causes high amounts for soreness especially for rep work, and rep ranges I haven’t done in a long time. I remember earlier this training cycle that I could barely walk the three days after doing sets of 12 for high bar close stance squats/ some snatch grip rack pulls and the legs were still painful to the touch four days later.