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More Sides - Test E or Sustanon?

I just recently completed a sustanon cycle and noticed very little in the way of sides (no acne, somewhat oiler skin, no gyno). How do the sides for test e compare?

Well considering you were using test and plan on using test one would think the side would be somewhat similar.

Unless of course you didnt know what you were doing and your protocol for injections was not proper then your gains will be better and your sides less with enathate.

If anything one would think test E has less sides.

Sustanon is known to produce less sides - less aromatization and water… seemingly less aromitization anyway, which is impossible - but it is a real effect none the less.

this is due to the fact that LESS test is active in the body at any one time…

With enanthate, you have a full 250mg released over the duration of effect… say, 2 weeks.

with sust, you have 30mg of prop released over that esters length, and phenyl released (both being very similar, that is around 90mg of test only over the first 3-6 days)
then isocap and decanoate esters which are more like 2 and 4 weeks… but they only amount to a mere 160mg (or so, IIRC) of test too… thus there is less pronounced sides as the side effects are ‘split’ into several ‘peaks’ rather than just the one peak from just the one ester.

This was how i always understood the fact that sust is known to aromatize less - or seemingly so anyway, as it aromatises at exactly the same rate of any other test, just it has different release times built in - as we know.


oh ok, my friend who has used both and he got more sides of the sust.
Like reading this though

i have taken enanthate and sustanon on seperate occasions. I personally noticed more aroma in the sustanon. Love that feeling of the propianate on injection day. So much better then enanthate by itself IMO. Just take some anti-e’s. No big. Not very expensive.