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More Sick Deadlifting





Konstantinovs no fucking belt holy shit! I think i pulled something just watching him do that.


Wildauer Martin is back! I was wondering what he was up to... biggest deadlifter to ever post on T-Nation, I'm sure! Looks like he's going to join the 900 club officially very soon. A double on 880 is insane, let alone after the set before it.

Konstantinovs is starting to frighten me (in a good way). I rated him very highly as a lifter before, but now he's doing such disgustingly heavy weights easily in the middle of a training block, I just can't see him not doing well. I hope he doesn't burn himself out and we see something special at the WPC worlds. I'm excited!


Comments like that belong on the SAMA forum :slight_smile:

Was Wilbauer Martin the guy posting as Big Martin a while ago?


Wildauer Martin is in WSM this year! He is in the same group as Marshall White, Brian Shaw, and big z himself... gonna be exciting to watch!


Awesome. Looks like Konstantinovs is doing more of a Romainian deadlift, no? Seemed to be mostly back. Is that just personal preference, or is that where the biggest lifts tend to come from?


form breaks down very quickly with near max weights


He was posting as shane54, if I recall correctly.


alot of guys pull that way. based on the reading ive done its the strongest position with the back angle to the bar. somewhere on tnation a while back there was an article on it. the guys over at elitefts have some stuff on it that shows that is the best strength curve.


This is freaking sick


It certanly dosn't have too. KK pulls like that as he pulls best like that. He still gets great amount of leg drive. Not to mention the fact that it is still hips and legs doing the deadlift not the back.

I look forward to seeing this Martin guy at WSM. Hope there's a deadlift comp in his heat?


Konstantinov still uses legs a lot in deadlift, but more back of course. He even said that olympic style squats were much better for him for the initial pull strengthening.
He claims that lifting with rounded back is not dangerous at all if you can hold that position tightly throughout the lift. Much more dangerous in his opinion is when originally a straight back is bended under insufficient core strength during a lift.


Yeah there is:

Medley â?? Anchor, Chain and Barrels
Fingal Fingers
Truck Pull
Keg Toss
Atlas Stones

Even though there are some strong guys in his group, he certainly has a chance to make it to the finals.


I love seeing that bar bend so much.


I think Stuart McGill's spoken about it too...

It's not the act of starting rounded but staying in that position that causes the damage, it's your back rounding as you lift where the danger is.


Is it me or do they have rounded backs?


Exactly, the key is holding the posture through the whole lift.


So starting with a rounded back is ok, but not mid lift? By that standards would a lift like this be ok: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv9bC-rSFD0&feature=channel_page
Or are we talking about upper back?


Perhaps an extreme example, but I think that's sorta what was being alluded to. Dunno how much is TOO much tho. My understanding was that it was ok anywhere in the back. Perhaps not optimal, or as safe as other methods, but not mega dangerous.

And he's a typical example of what happens when you don't arch off the floor, you struggle to lockout!