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More sex, hotter women, Queer Eye, etc

My opinion is that guys, to a certain extent, should focus more on trying to look better, in ways above and beyond working out IF THEIR GOAL IS TO GET LAID MORE OR TO LAY BETTER-LOOKING WOMEN. Of course, being in shape is an imp’t (but not necessary) part of the equation for many of us.
Why am I saying this? Well, think about all the ways that women try to look hotter. The moment a WOMAN steps out of the house, she is surrounded with sexual options. That abundance of options comes from the fact that she is making herself attractive 24/7. That’s right. From putting on makeup, to working out, to shopping for nice clothes, a Hard Body is looking good 24/7.

We all know that most reasonably attractive women will get attention from men because we’re such horny dogs.

BUT- look at HBs, who are already hot, who spend excessive time and energy to make themselves even hotter. We want them even more, right?
How many guys even do the bare minimum to groom or take care of their own

Everything an HB does, from the time she’s a little girl, is geared towards
attracting guys and drawing attention from * every * guy she comes in contact with.

Contrast the typical HB with the typical guy who is trying to get laid. How many guys seek attention from * every * girl they come into contact with?
How many guys are really doing all they can to have more sexual abundance by trying to attract 24/7? Not that men SHOULD do everything they can, but they can DEFINITELY improve.

Does this mean being a “metrosexual”? I don’t know. Does it?

I think there is a minimum that a guy can do to increase his attractiveness. A good haircut for one. Well groomed facial hair and nails-not necessarily manicured, but well-groomed. Nice, well-fitting clothes obviously, preferably from a high-quality brand. Clothes that are more expensive last longer, and look good thruout most of their life, whereas clothes from crappy, less expensive brands wear out, lose their color, or rip quicker. They also don’t fit as well-usually.
As an example, I used to buy a lot of Old Navy but everything I bought soon turned to crap. I was lucky to get 1 season out of their clothing. Now I buy their jeans and that’s about it. The reason I still buy their jeans is because a) I don’t fit into designer jeans (like a lot of people on the board I suspect) and b) I refuse to pay $150 for Diesel jeans when Old navy copies their style and a few months later I can get similar-looking trendy jeans for $30-$40. I MIGHT spend $60 on a pair of DKNY or Calvin Kleins, if I find a pair that fits me.

Do you agree or disagree?

Now, re: Queer Eye, I do think the show has some good aspects to it, but you have to look for them. Many of the guys aren’t really that good-looking to begin with and have no clue on how to dress, groom etc. Its amazing what can be done in a day when these guys are “made over” by people who know what they’re doing.

But there are a lot of negative aspects
to the show that you have to watch out for.

Number one is not letting your estrogen levels rise! :wink:
But I don’t think that’s a problem on the Testosterone forums. Plus, there’s always M to fall back on.

Seriously, the big negative, and I mean BIG, is money. It is really expensive to buy an entire new wardrobe, much less one comprised mainly of designer clothing. Most people CANNOT afford to spend 1/3 of what it would cost to do it all at once.
They would have to build that wardrobe a little at a time, and spend a lot of time in discount stores that sell designer clothes, and if you don’t live in a large city, you can’t find those stores.

Also, and much more expensive, is the furniture. I strongly feel that high-quality furniture is extremely important, because great furniture can last for centuries.
We all know what its like to buy a piece of shit table, bed, chair, appliance, etc and 6 months later it falls apart. That is just throwing money out the window.

But again, few can afford to make over a house/apt with high quality furniture and decorations all at once.

So it leads to a materialistic lifestyle if it is followed to the letter. That’s my main point.

So you have to take the good, which is take better care of yourself and try to buy nice funishings, but don’t get sucked into a too-superficial and too-materialistic lifestyle.

Every girls crazy about a well-hung man" ZZ Top

Maybe that was sharp dressed Man?

Me Solomon Grundy

I won’t call myself a “metrosexual” because I’ve seen a few “metro’s” and I’m not one. I do however, go tanning, get my eyebrows waxed, nair from head to toe, use exfoliators, astringents, creams, scented lotions, and use various other semi-fruity/cosmetic like products. Furthermore, I have absolutely NO problem wearing flattering clothes ie; jeans that are tight in the ass and throw an nice package shot in the front, shirts that are cut a little short so as that perhaps my abs/ass dimples are exposed should I bend or stretch the right way.

Do I care that some guys might thing that’s faggy? Un-UHHH! I like my body, I work hard for it, and chicks dig it. Yeah I’m sure it sounds conceited but ohh well. If you can’t love yourself who then who can you love.

Wide guy, you are a metrosexual. Embrace it.

I do agree you should try to look good which is what i do every time i go out. But i think it has its down side Cause the ladies tend to shy away from me. For example my buddy says there a girls looking at me all the time but when i look at them they shy away. Like they tink i am to good for them.

I definitely get more random looks and second glances from females–attractive ones, at that–than I did in my pre-T-Mag years. I don’t know any guy who dislikes getting appraising looks from attractive females, so in that sense: yeah, Sonny S, you’re right: I like working out for what it does for my appearance in public.

But I spend as little money as possible on clothing, go 6-8 weeks between haircuts, don’t use any scents, etc. I suppose if I were not married, and back “on the market,” I might put more effort into those things.

But I think I’d rather have someone take me for what I am.

They don’t think you are too good for them, they are trying to flirt with you.

Sabrina’s right. You just gotta not bitch out and walk right up to them, they love it.

Maybe it’s because I’m from Texas, but I can’t imagine a woman being interested in a man who waxes his eyebrows and checks his ass in the mirror. Maybe little teenage girls, but not a woman.

If a grown woman did find the meterosexual stuff attractive, I would be very wary of her. I would think she wants a man she can control and pussifie (since meterosexual man is half woman already).

It isn’t that I find the “metrosexual” stuff (whatever that is) attractive. Sunscreen, lotion, a fresh aroma, and two eyebrows do not make you “gay”.

But if I do like someone to look like they give a shit. I also appreciate good grooming a la Wideguy, in particular grooming of the fun zone and a manicure. Frankly, when I go down on someone, I do not want a snootful of crack-cheese and an esophagus full of crispy pubes longer than my index finger that I’ll be hacking on for the next 3 days.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to look good, but don’t go overboard with it. Men are supposed to be a little rough around the edges after all, and most women won’t respect a guy who spends as much time primping in the bathroom as they do.

Besides, if you can’t roll out of bed, throw on some jeans and a t-shirt and look half-decent, you probably aren’t all that good looking to begin with.

Nice imagery Sabrina. I don’t understand why some guys don’t just see this as being a reciprocal thing.

For example, if your looking for a tight bodied, smooth skinded, well tanned, sexily clad little vixen it doesn’t hurt to “clean up”. This isn’t to say I walk around 24/7 like this. Surely not, I work construction/ demolition and various other ball breaking jobs pt, when I’m not in school and definitely don’t look metro. ie, stained torn up blue jeans, and a ratty wife beater, blowing snot rockets and sucking the excess off my upper lip/spitting it out onto the ground cause I don’t have a time for a tissue; pissing/shitting in the same fucking disgusting porti-john as 30-40 other disgusting guys on the job. Me metro? FUCK THAT I RIP BITCHES…ok I’m done.

Uhhh…well, now I know what a metroxexual is…but HOW did this word originate? Where did the “metro” come from???

No no, with your waxing, nair, scented creams, tanning bed etc. you are definitely metro - not that theres anything wrong with that…

Caring about your appearance is definately good thing, but don’t go overboard. Looking like you try to hard or taking longer to get ready than the girl is a HUGE turnoff. Same for thing goes for “pretty boys”. just my opinion.

Metrosexuals started in "Metro"politan areas (i.e: San Fransico, LA, New York… etc)

personally I am not a metro, but my dad is. He’ll admit it, talks about shopping, taking all my girl cosins to get hair/nails done, and drinks smirnoff ice. Also he watches all the trading spaces shows.(am I the only person to hate those shows?)

Depends on the woman. I’ve dated women up and down the spectrum on the whole idea of male grooming and dress (and after we started dating, they ALWAYS tried to get me to change to whatever the hell their ideal was… imagine that…) – from the girl who told me it was “gay” to shave my fun zone or wear a designer shirt to the one who wanted me to nair my body a la Wideguy and frost my friggin’ tips.

I think it depends on what the guys were like where the women grew up. The girl who thought everything concerning grooming was “gay” was from rural Ohio; the “total grooming” girl was from SF.

Side note on Sonny’s “money” comment: Are you surprised to find out that a lot of chicks prefer things that are expensive? =-)

I make a point to be clean, ie. take showers, keep my nails trimmed and get my hair cut when it needs it. I also trim my hair down below and might one day go so far as to wax the hair on my lower neck/upper back but… I would not want to be caught dead in a damn tanning bed or getting a freakin manicure, dye job or whatever. If it costs me action occasionally then so be it. First and foremost if I’m not at work I’m either working out, working on my truck, wakeboarding, hanging at the river and just enjoying life. Making myself pretty IS NOT a priority. I’ve got friends that do nothing but chase ass and yeah they get laid more than me. So fawkin what! There is more to life than immitating women and chasing tail although I will squeeze the latter in whenever I can. Anyways that’s just me and my opinion, I sincerely hope there are others on this site that feel the same way.
I can’t comment on the queer eye thing, other than sports I don’t watch TV.

T-Shaw: see, you’re married, which doesn’t apply to the post cuz its for guys who aren’t and who want to get laid more or want to lay hotter women.

Wideguy- Good for you. Re: tight clothes, I think MANY people on this board love to wear tight clothes to show off what they got, esp after a cutting cycle. Now some prob don’t do it outside of the gym, but heck, if you got it, flaunt it, right?

WHitewater- You’re not interested in getting laid as much as some other guys, so it makes sense that you don’t spend a lot of time grooming