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More Sets & More Time Between Sets

Hi guys
What about this method :
A lot more sets,but longer rest time in between.
So for example instead of doing 3,4 sets with a rest of 2 minutes You do 5,6 or more sets but you rest for much longer.

Is it good ? Just wondering…

For what purpose? What are you trying to accomplish?

I feel I perform a lot better when I rest more (no wonder!) but maybe it’s not as productive… I don’t know.

I do six or more sets with a minute and a half rest. You don’t need the extra rest. Work harder.

The circumstance dictates the method.

When I had just started, I had no need for long rests, even between heavy sets. This is because ‘heavy’ wasn’t all that heavy, and I could recover quickly. And I was eating decently.

Recently, I’m eating like an anorexic schoolgirl (bitter end of a cutting phase), and I’ve started to time myself to make sure I rest AT LEAST two minutes between sets, because otherwise I won’t be able to make it.

More sets AND more rest doesn’t appeal to me though. I wouldn’t do it. Try it. If it works, come back and tell us.

Agreed with Otep. More sets and more rest = longer workout with less intensity (most likely). It seems to just become more intensive, like those guys that brag about “working out 3 hours a day”.