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More Republican Freedom


Perhaps they are trying to look appealing for the leftist feminists?

I really do not know , it looks authentic. I can see it now in 50 years we will have hundreds of thousands of people in prison

This political season, Zivity’s 35-year-old chairman and co-founder has emerged among a handful of California money men supporting U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, 75, the Texas libertarian running for the Republican presidential nomination.

Scott Banister, a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur who founded the San Francisco-based Zivity with his wife, has donated $2,500 to Paul’s low-budget campaign and another $5,000 to Paul’s Liberty PAC political action committee. Both are the maximum donations allowed by law.

In addition, Banister has put up a $1,000 prize for “the best short film to promote Ron Paul,” according to his posting on Prizes.org.

All right Gentlemen, the line must be drawn here. You might not be completely convinced that Ron Paul is the second coming of Thomas Jefferson, but at the very least he does not come for your porn.

I will start a second civil war if my rights to porn are prohibited.

[quote]Deercalf wrote:
I will start a second civil war if my rights to porn are prohibited.[/quote]

If there is a chance of getting another ammendment in the constitution, forcing the state to recognize the universal right to porn would be it.

If history is any judge, it should be worded in a way that even a 12 year old in a coma cannot re-or mis-interpret it.

I think refusing to vote for any one that wants to imprison more people