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More Reps For Size?


I want to increase muscle mass and size. What rep range should I be focusing on??

Also, how much cardio is okay? I like to do 20 min 5x week. Is that too much?


Click "Article Library." Read.


I've read many articles and they all say different things. It seems like everyone says something different!


Find out the heaviest you can go for each excercise you do for a full 7 reps.

3x7 scheme for 3 months...increase weight as needed.

Eat good.

Check in later.


ZERO cardio is the best starting point. Then, you can add in 1 minute per week. Either that, or you can start with 24 hours per day and work backwards, but I don't think that fits well with your first statement.

WHY do you like to do cardio?

I hate this website and all of the @ssholes like me on it.



That's because there are many different approaches that work. Give us some more information about your goals, training history, height and weight, current routine, etc. and then we can help you.


I'm really at a low weight. I'm 5' 7'' and about 114lb. I'm a girl though, so I don't need to be massive, but probably another 20 pounds would be good. I have been working out for about 4 years, but I have done too much and ate too little. I lost a ton of fat (I have extremely low body fat - maybe 8-10%) but also strength. Now I need to gain it back. I try to do each body part 3 times per week with 3x15 or 3x12 sets. I just love cardio but I know I need to cut back. I used to do over and hour every day but now I do just 20 minute sessions.