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More Reasons to Love Coffee


The diseases coffee can benefit include:

â?¢ Dementia. Drinking moderate amounts of coffee during middle age â?? classified as three to five cups daily â?? can decrease the risk of dementia by 65 percent, according to a 2009 study by Swedish and Finnish researchers.

â?¢ Liver disease. In those who drink too much alcohol, those who drank the most coffee â?? more than four cups every day â?? reduced their risk of developing alcoholic cirrhosis by 80 percent.

â?¢ Heart disease. Research associated with The Nurses' Health Study found that women who drank two to three cups of coffee daily had a 25 percent lower risk of dying from heart disease. Along the same line, a Spanish study found that men who drank more than five cups of coffee each day lowered their risk of dying from heart disease by 44 percent, and that women who drank four to five cups each day reduced their risk by 34 percent.

â?¢ Prostate cancer. A recent study from Harvard Medical School found that men who drank the most coffee slashed their risk of developing the fastest growing and most difficult to treat prostate cancers by more than half when compared to men who drank no coffee.

â?¢ Gout. Drinking four or more cups of coffee each day dramatically reduces the incidence of gout, say U.S. and Canadian researchers. Men who drank four to five cups daily lowered their risk by 40 percent, and those who drank six or more cups daily reduced their risk of developing gout by 59 percent when compared to men who didn't drink coffee.

Drink up!


Like I ever needed a reason to drink coffee :smiley:



Fantastic! I love coffee :slightly_smiling:

Is one cup of coffee an 8 fl oz serving?


I usually see a 'cup' of coffee defined at 6oz.

It doesn't make any sense to me either.


Research has shown that 2 cups of coffee a day can increase the likelihood of feeling good.



Oh and can't go on without this:


Haha that picture is awesome


Does anybody have information on how coffee affects blood sugar levels?


You might be interested in this - I came across it a couple of days ago while studying for a nutrition exam:



Awesome link. It states that"

"Short-term metabolic studies showed that caffeine intake can acutely lower insulin sensitivity (7â??9) and increase glucose concentrations (10â??15)"

Does this translate to coffee raising blood sugar levels in the short term?


Yes. There were a bunch of studies done (that would be #10-15 on the reference list) that showed it raises blood glucose.

It seems the jury is still out overall because the researchers here didn't see a tolerance develop to the negative impact on insulin sensitivity...but other studies have shown (as they point out) that there is "an inverse association between coffee consumption and risk for type 2 diabetes." The study here was only 2-4 weeks long, so it's possible that the negative issues resolve themselves in people who drink coffee persistently, in "normal" amounts...


I like coffee and I've gone back to Nescafe instant.

I mean look at the ingredients...it's just freeze-dried coffee and I really can't taste the difference between it and brewed coffee.
I'm not a very discerning gourmet by any means I'll admit.


I wonder if there's any differnce in health benefits from different forms of coffee... brewed vs instant vs fresh beans


If it matters, I've heard that dark roasts lose most of their stuff by being roasted...what I mean is that dark roasts have less caffeine than lighter roasts. Seems counter-intuitive to a degree, I mean i thought dark roasts would have more caffeine About anti-oxidants I don't know.


I would be interested in this also. Frozen fruits and vegetables are actually more nutritious because they are instantly frozen and thus maintain their profiles better. I wonder if this would be the same for instant or canned coffee? Just a thought.


Peets coffee is the shit. Lately I've been using a coffee presser to make mine and it is at least five times stronger.


yeah light roasts have more caffiene, thats true. I think what gets me out of bed most days is thinking of how much awesomeness will be happening in my brain when my daily caffiene binge cranks up about 45 minutes later.

also, last time I was in Colombia (actually headed back tomorrow yipee! hookers and coke!) I was on a coffee plantation and they showed us the different beans and whatever, and then they showed us one that was withered up from falling in the dirt and was brown without even being roasted. they said that was what they used for nescafe haha. not that that stopped me when I cant have my trusty dunkin donuts...


Starbucks is ok...but as far as coffee chain's go I'll always stick true to my Tim Horton's.

Oh, and I've never been one for gormet coffees but Tortuga rum company coffees are great.