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Cramp in my lower right tva on the first set of leg extensions…that’s a different kind of pain. I crumpled up like a can. Took a break for a couple minutes then made sure to lean forward hard on the rest. Hung for a while off the chin bar just to stretch it out. I must have been cheating a bit leaning back on the first set. Lesson learned. The Nordic Curls are getting easier too. Doing them with the red band but with 3 second eccentrics. May not up the sets next time but will up the reps.


Pressing strength is the surprise of this program for sure. Seems to be working at least for bench anyway. Tempo presses are fairly new to me and I’m liking it. I’ve used different bars and dumbbells but just regular old barbell tempo press may be the keeper. My delts blew up on the third set.


50 clean and presses 95lbs with 500 swings. This was tougher than dips and chins. Good change up.


Dragging butt but pushed hard through.


Tricep Extensions were Rope Pushdowns. Happy with the OHP today but disappointed in the db benching after. Just didn’t have it for whatever reason. Last week it felt really light. Not this week.


Thinking this is the last week for Bullmastiff for me. No Peaking protocol. My recovery hasn’t been the greatest the last couple of weeks even after deload. Whoop band says my HRV is in bad shape and trending that way for about a little over 2 weeks. Need to change up the training and slide into some bodybuilding while I try to drop a little weight. But going full send this last week of the developmental block of Bullmastiff. Going to spend more time walking outside with and without the vest. I’ll probably jump into the RP Build Your Own program again…


I don’t list my warmups but decided to bring back skipping rope between warm ups and also I over warmed up for a triple at 295. I feel like that helped immensely. I remembered doing that during super squats. I could have had more at the amrap set if I wanted to do breathing squats, but I don’t believe that’s the intention. All in all this was horrendous. An hour and twenty minutes with warm ups. With relatively short breaks I give myself 2 between the main set and RDLs but 75 seconds for the rest. Drug myself into the shop to get this done but glad it’s done.

Also did 6 sets of leg curls…not the stupid 5 it has listed…



Found this little nugget of joy trying to figure out what I’m going to do next:

I may give this a go. His second layout looks interesting except no hang cleans. I was thinking of going into a BB program, but really just getting more athletic should be prioritized for at least period anyway. Matt Rhodes has a good riff off of Krypteia Redux off of Mr. Wendler’s site. The 75 minute time frame seems excessive. Getting that number closer toward 50 should be a goal. But programming the sets and reps of the main movement may be tricky (I am the coach, scary), but I was thinking why not use Bullmastiff’s idea for the main lifts. Make the last set a PR set and use that number of reps on that set to dictate next week’s weight. Say Squat is 260 5x5 that last set I do 9 thats 4 reps over 5, so add 4% of weight to next week’s lift. So roughly 10 pounds more. So a starting TM of 65% for 3 weeks, then 70%, and then 75%. SO 9 weeks of goodness :grinning:. Boring just like I like. Problem then is the FSL. I have time to think this through. Could make it easier and just run Krypteia Redux first in this format. Lots of ideas.

Spit balling. Threw this together real quick.

Main Weight Sets and Reps Supplemental Weight Sets and Reps Circuit Weight Sets and Reps
Monday Deadlift 275 5x5 Last set AMRAP SSB Squat 5x5 245 245 5X5 Nordic Curl BW 5x6
65% of 1RM DB Row 80 10-20 80 5x10 - 20 DB Incline Press 60 5x10
Pull Ups BW 5x10
Wednesday Squat 225 5x5 Last set AMRAP DB Bench 80 5x6 TBDL 275 5x10
65% of 1RM Seal Row 135 5x10 - 20 Dips BW 5x10
Pull Ups BW 5x10
Friday Bench 160 5x5 Last set AMRAP Push Press 115 5x5 RDL 275 5x10
65% of 1RM Pull Ups BW 5x10 - 20 DB Row 80 5x10-20
Rear Delt Raise 25 5x10-20

When it says 1RM I hardly ever do real max effort stuff. I think the closest I’ve ever really tried is 3RM work, so these are definitely estimated.

Starting to get whatever “crap” my wife has. Chest congestion and a new symptom shows up during deadlifts…:poop:. So not your ideal session but I didn’t die. Not the amrap on deads I wanted but I got through them without making a mess. That’s a win.


Coughing up all kinds of goodness while doing this. Still pretty happy with the pressing.


I feel like hammered dog shit. Whoop band knows somethings up. I’ve never seen it say 1% Recovery before. When I lie down at night, I can’t breathe so I tried to sleep upright…that’s a no go for me. I’m running on caffeine today.

Side note, awesome to see Mitch Hooper when WSM 2023. Have to admit I wanted Brian to win his last one, but Hooper is just an all around good dude. Couldn’t be happier for the guy. Can’t wait to watch it.


Just watched this video on Mitch Hooper’s channel: Beyond Strong; The Rookie Year (Documentary) - YouTube

I am liking this guy even more.

I got a little more sleep than last night. MY RHR and Temp are getting back to normal, but my Respiratory Rate is elevated now. If I could get a solid night of sleep, I bet I can kick this thing.

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Still can’t breathe. Only did 3 of the super sets and 3 of the circuits. RDL on DL day…not my best idea. I’ll figure that up. Good way to test it though.


Rhodes Krypteia
Day 2
Fri, Apr 28, 2023

Squat (Barbell)
Set 1: 225 lb x 5
Set 2: 225 lb x 5
Set 3: 225 lb x 5
Set 4: 225 lb x 5
Set 5: 225 lb x 12

Bench Press (Dumbbell)
Set 1: 80 lb x 6
Set 2: 80 lb x 6
Set 3: 80 lb x 6
Set 4: 80 lb x 6

Pendlay Row
Set 1: 135 lb x 10
Set 2: 135 lb x 10
Set 3: 135 lb x 10
Set 4: 135 lb x 10

Trap Bar Deadlift
Set 1: 275 lb x 10
Set 2: 275 lb x 10

Dip (Bodyweight)
Set 1: 10
Set 2: 10

Pull-Up (Bodyweight)
Set 1: 5
Set 2: 5

Yesterday and today I felt the worst yet, but felt like I needed to move and not lounge. But I had to stop after the second set of the circuits. Just can’t catch a breath right now.


Rhodes Krypteia
Day 3
Sat, Apr 29, 2023

Bench Press (Barbell)
Set 1: 160 lb x 5
Set 2: 160 lb x 5
Set 3: 160 lb x 5
Set 4: 160 lb x 5
Set 5: 160 lb x 13

Push Press (Barbell)
Set 1: 115 lb x 5
Set 2: 115 lb x 5
Set 3: 115 lb x 5
Set 4: 115 lb x 5
Set 5: 115 lb x 5

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown
Set 1: 180 lb x 10
Set 2: 180 lb x 10
Set 3: 180 lb x 10
Set 4: 180 lb x 10
Set 5: 180 lb x 10

Nordic Curls
Set 1: 6
Set 2: 6
Set 3: 6
Set 4: 6

Bent Over Row (Dumbbell)
Set 1: 80 lb x 10
Set 2: 80 lb x 10
Set 3: 80 lb x 10
Set 4: 80 lb x 10

Rear Delt Fly (Dumbbell)
Set 1: 25 lb x 10
Set 2: 25 lb x 10
Set 3: 25 lb x 10
Set 4: 25 lb x 10

Got this in pretty quick. Got a lot of running to do this week again.


Rhodes Workout
Deadlift 4x5 300, 300 x 12

SSB Squat 245 5x5
DB Rows 80 5x10

Prone Leg Curls 120 5x10
Dips 5x10
Chins 5x5

I may move chins to where DB Rows are to see if I can get more chins. Without warmup I was done in 53 minutes. Still have a cough, runny nose and headaches, but much better than I was.


Bench 175 4x5 1x12
Push Press 135 5x5
Pulldowns 180 5x10
Nordic Curls 5x6
Chins 4x5 1x8
Rear Delt Flyes 25x 5x10

I need to either add weight and do low rep chins or change it up. For whatever reason around 5 chins is my limit. Would like to see that go up a bit. Been stuck at 5 for too long. In and out at around 45 minutes.


Rhodes Stuff
Squats 4x5 240 1x12 240

DB Bench 80 5x6
Pull Ups 5x5

TBDL 275 5x10
Incline machine press 225 5x10
Pendlay Row 135 5x10

That last bit was a beast. Didn’t set this session up so well either may scrap this and run something setup better for my little home gym. Or not maybe I need this to shake the foundation a bit :person_shrugging:


Decided to do the last workout first just to get that nut punch out of the way. Oof it sucks.

Squat 255 4x5, 1x8 terrible showing here not happy.

DB Bench 80 5x7
Pendlay Row 135 5x10

275 TBDL 5x10
Powertec Incline Bench 225 5x10
Pull ups 5x7

Went in the house and laid down under the fan for 20 minutes. Nut punch over for the week :+1: