More Questions than Answers

Fail…stomach is acting up now. Wtf. I at least got some ssb squats and some high incline presses in…

Feel like dog crap this morning bad cough and full on cold symptoms. Not as bad as I did this past weekend but still bad enough. When it rains… woke up weighing 193…need to kick this stuff quick.

193 yesterday did an easy full body with ssb squats, high incline press, flat press, pull ups, and chest supported db rows. I survived.

This morning 195 yass. Still wheezing and coughing like a 30 year smoker but feeling much better. Going to do a similar full body something today.

197 this morning. Feeling better still have a cough. Running CT’s Best Damn for Natty’s Part Deaux. Thinking it would be a good idea to try and keep the cortisol low (wondering if that’s what got me sick initially cotrisol/stress) and still be able to do 6 days week. I’m really trying to push those last sets on this just because the volume is so low. I’ve done the first push and pull. I have ran this before a couple years back, and it was pretty nice. I’ll make up a spreadsheet here pdq, and start posting what I’m doing better.

195 this morning. Did Push 2 of best damn for natty’s 2. Also did a little rowing machine work this evening.

TB OHP rp 115 10
Goblet Squat 60 mtor 10 (Changing this one out for Powertec Squats)
Skull Crushers 60 mtor 10
Chest Press 275 myo reps 25 reps total need to up weight (triceps were fired up after this)

Did Push 3 and Pull 3 Friday and saturday. Weight is around 196. I’m going to run this another week but I’m not sure this is the ticket. Or maybe just need to work in some extra trap and ab work. Need some back squat in there too. I’ll run it as is but may run something different or at least tweak it a touch to add those pieces in.

Looking good Zep. Glad you’re feeling better. I hope you’re happy with the workout after you tweak it a little.

Thank you sir. It’s really good as written. I just want some traps and a bigger back. Also I hate back squats so it must be good for me and I feel lazy if I don’t back squat. Took Sunday and Monday off my father is back at the hospital again and my little girl has the stomach flu. Hopefully they both get straightened out here pdq.

Tried to get Push1 in today. Got most of it but laterals. Got a call from my father’s doctors and he had taken a turn for the worse last night. Sounds like either bowel perf or bladder perf or both. His infection is getting out of control obviously but surgery team doesnt want to do surgery because his BP is supported totally by meds. Mother had chest pains finding all this out so they took her to the ER. She has a history. But looks like she just needed some fluids to get her BP up. It was fairly low because she’s been sick as well.

He took a turn for the worse. Will get back to this as soon as I can. Or probably will hit out some stress killer sessions. Doesn’t look good.

Pray all is well

He passed last friday morning. Just getting all the things together for his funeral and taking care of my mother who has early onset Alzheimers. Tough times ahead. But he would want me to keep on keeping on. I’ve been doing mini sessions last couple of days. I’ll get back after it after it slows down.

Ok got to get a session in. Trying to get Moms estate in order since we moved her in. So probably going to switch things up and try my best to get 4 in a week. So doing super hero muscle program. I got the Chest Shoulder and Tris in today. Trying to find a caregiver companion for Mom and get back to work and still make time for the kiddos. Anyway I’ll post better kept log as I get things in order.

Did the Back Day on Tuesday or Wednesday…barely sure what day it is today. Back at work though. Still interviewing for care givers for my mother. The volume on Super Hero Muscle is super low…not used to it. But honestly right now, it is helpful and fits my schedule. I just keep worrying about the “gainz.” My weight is still pretty low at 195 and holding. I may do a mini cut and see how I look at 190…but really need growth so that may be put on the back burner. I think for the T-ransformation challenge I weighed in at 205 maybe…? Hate overthinking stuff especially when there isn’t enough room in my brain to handle what I already have on my plate.

Leg day. Pretty brutal but simple. Hatfield Squats, leg curls, leg extensions, and powertec banded squat/calf raises. Simple but took everything to failure. Been a while since I’ve had a legit leg day like this. I’m already broken tomorrow is going to suck.

SHM 2nd Push session on Sunday. Worked up to a top set on incline bench on the powertec machine at 255. My left shoulder is starting to act up again. But after the incline presses I didn’t have any more pain. Even the shoulder presses didn’t really seem to bother it. But worked up everything to a topset and felt good. My weight is going up, but I’m not eating clean. I will work on that I was 198 this morning. Definitely need to do some cardio work here and there.

SHM 2nd Pull Session yesterday. Worked up to a top set at 345 to failure on the rack pulls. I like these workouts for their efficiency. I would like to set a goal to work on getting to 12 to 15 pull ups unbroken. I still suck at these…and there shouldn’t be any reason for it at this point. This doesn’t really work into these sessions but I think it wouldn’t hurt to do pull ups a few days a week when I can. Upper back pull downs are pretty nice but my setup is a cheap rack with a pull down but nothing to hold me down when I load it up. It’s max is 225 but I weigh 195…gravity wins… I have the powertec machine that has the pull down feature but you can’t really pull it down like PC’s upper back pull down. It pretty much comes straight down back. Really good for the lats but not the full upper back. Trying to figure out a good replacement or rig it up in a way to keep my ass in the seat/floor. Any way good workout all in all.

SHM Leg Day did that Thursday. Forgot to post. Hatfield Squats are a new favorite. I probably don’t load up like I should but I get deep in the hole with these. Maybe next time I do these I’ll load up and pause. Instead of the lunges I did the powertec lever squat. I banded it up to with 225 on it. I went for high reps to failure…I’m still in pain. Loving leg day. Wish I could get these doms all over. Need to intensify the Push and Pull sessions.

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Nice day yesterday. The kids and I were outside pretty much all day clearing brush and walking down by the pond. Got my mother out and about too for a little bit. She is getting much better. Eating well and really thriving now. I didn’t realize how bad she had gotten since my father was taking care of her or at least he was trying too before he passed.

I did pull ups and push ups with the kids yesterday. Weighing a little heavier now at 199 but the pull ups were surprisingly good…I could hit 6 clean and 8 a little sloppy. Seems to be easier with a little more weight on my bones which sounds wrong. Push ups 36 before form breaks down a bit but even then could push through to 45 or 50 if I had to. Feel really good about that. Still 15 pull ups are in me just got to get there. My long ass arms don’t help with any of that…my old gym partner used to make fun of me saying I could itch my knees without bending over.

197 and feeling strong. Back day. Worked up to 2 sets of 345 for 8 with 3 second negatives on the rack pulls. Will up the weight a bit maybe next time. Did BORs instead of upper back pulldowns. Used to be able to do that with more weight…only got up to 185 for 7 on the last 2 sets. On the last set I did a drop set. Then did the plate raises and super settled with banded pull ups. Did paused behind the back shrugs and pinwheel curl drop sets. Good day all in all. Thinking about keeping the weight around here. Maybe working up to 200 slowly. The weight coming up definitely helps the lifts.