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More Questions for Bill Roberts

Hello nation! :slight_smile:

Years ago I discovered Bill’s articles (by that time there were quite many of them) and was very impressed with his erudition. But his innovative approach also generated some questions that I haven’t really been able to get answered. As others have done, I would therefore like to ask some questions to Bill Roberts in the forum.

  1. Using SERMS on cycle is generally discouraged categorically in my experience. But in my mind this seems like a good approach in the following scenario: if one either has gyno, knows that one is prone to it, or wants to absolutely minimize the risk of getting it; are afraid to overshoot it with the AI; doesn’t want to risk undershooting and thereby running the risk of aggravating gyno. In this scenario the person really wants to minimize the time needed for tweaking E2 levels out of fear of even the smallest duration of time with elevated levels. Would SERMS on cycle be a viable course of action in that case?

  2. A followup question to the previous would be: is it possible to begin SERMS and AAS and subsequently tweak E2 to the appropriate level or does the SERMS interfere with the action of the AI? Alternatively, does the SERMS show up as E2 in the blood tests?

  3. I have seen the following theoretical objection to short cycles that I was wondering if you could comment on: “[These are] all bad ideas given that none of these ‘cycles’ upregulate anabolic gene expression long enough for permanent changes in muscle architecture to occur.” There is also the anecdotal objections that the best gains usually manifest after some weeks into the cycle, even with short acting AAS.

  4. There are those individuals that shy away from IM injections of AAS very strongly. If such a person wants to use oxandrolone, they often report several side effects that could be thought to result from low estrogen or even low endogenous testosterone (but maybe primarily the first?). What do you think of the combination oxandrolone and hcg? Do you think the lethargy for example that many experience on anavar only could be alleviated by hcg? (because being the result of low T/E?)

I hope you find my questions and have a chance of answering them Bill; best regards!