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More Pull-Up Bars


Ok so I have been thinking about this for awhile.Gyms need more pullup bars,All the gyms I have lifted at had only the typical spots to do pullups.In between the cables and power racks.So anytime either of these things are being used and you want to do pullups you have to wait.Why is that,Couldnt gyms just put up acouple bars by them selves.I mean theres all the mats for people to do there crunches and all these stupid fucking bosu balls but i have to wait for the guy doing crossovers or hanging legraises to do pullups.


Most people in a commercial gym probably aren't capable/interested in doing pullups, so gyms see no reason to add more bars. The average person at the gyms I frequent would rather do hours of cardio, the latest bosu ball exercise, or endless situps and crunches. It's a pretty sad fact.


I guess that sucks. Most gyms in NYC have a chin/dip station with assist.



Simple wall mounted pull up bars would be a great addition to every gym, they don't take up floor space and almost never any waiting! But sadly the majority of gym goers can't complete a single repetition, so the gym owners see no reason to have them. If your gym has plenty of smith machines those work pretty good, but be aware that there is one more option which should only be used in life or death situations... pullups in the squat rack.


Yeah my gym has that thing, But I wouldnt go fucking near it.


Exactely, Wall mounted would be money.


I've heard of 24 Hour Fitness removing them from gyms because they're "intimidating" to the soccer moms that can't do one.


Why not? You can use it without using the assist part of it. Unless we're thinking of different things.


This is confusing to me. You start a thread about your gym not having a dedicated place to do pull-ups, but now you say your gym has one and but that you won't go near it. It seems to me that you just rendered your own thread pointless.



I hate the pullup stations at my gym. The only decent bar for pullups is in the squat rack, so I usualy just ask the guy doing curls if I can work in on pullups.

I was suprised at how many men can't complete a single pullup. Even if they can complete what they call a pullup it's usualy not all the way to the top and they usualy dont start from the full hanging position.

We have 4 total places to do pullups. One is a dip/pullup station, One is in between the cable station, one is the assisted pullup/dip station, and one is on the squat rack. I prefer the squat rack since it's a simple bar and the bar is thicker than the grips on the other 2 options. Also, the other 3 options are closed in and make me feel a little clausterphobic. I also like to be able to place my grip wherever I want it. The other stations don't allow for close grip.

I agree most gyms need more options for pullups but since most people can't do pullups they arent going to be adding them any time soon. Us freaks will just have to make due with what we have. I noticed people realy do look at you like your a freak for doing pullups especially with weights. I guess they think I should just do lat pulldowns which according to Charles Poloquin are inferior.


Every overhead door trim is a pullup station.


I dont like the assisted station because I can actually do pullups and i prefer the straight across bars like in power racks because like Brett295 said the bar is actually thicker and I can pull my chest to the bar unlike in the cable rack.

Gyms just need to put up a couple more pullup stations.


with just a straight bar, i hate that angles shit with the bullhorns coming out the middle.

just a straight god damned bar


I salute you. speaking of pullups... I have done 37 in uniform - about 8 lbs total. thats locking out the elbows and chin clearing the bar for each to count. which one of you fucks has beaten that?


good job. but chin isnt only supposed to clear bar, chest is supposed to touch bar.


I have done 38 nekkid + 10 lbs total.


Not by military standards.




you are one functional motherfucker. Why are you not in my marine corps?


I hate my previous gym's built in pull-up bar. It's too freaking high! Even after staking two of those plastic platforms I still have to jump hard to reach it. I do my pull-ups in the smith machine nowadays, and my balls thank me for not clamping them with weight plates on the belts anymore. This is where being short has it's advantages.