More Protein?

im a lifter, i stick to the main 4 lifts (deadlift, squat, bench, and standing overhead press). im 140lbs and ive made some good gains on my lifts. but im not really gaining mass. i think its because im not getting enough protein. hate to say, but im kind of a vegetarian (its what i grew up with) and i dont like stepping outside the comfort zone when it comes to food. im willing to. so how could i get more protein a day? im averaging around 75g/day but i would like to be up in the hundreds (ideal is 120) any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

I think you’re not gaining mass because you’re not eating enough calories. The fact that you only get 75 grams of protein suggest you don’t eat enough. How many calories do you consume per day?

Do you eat eggs and dairy? If so, hitting 100+ grams a protein a day should be simple. I often eat vegetarian and get around 140 grams of protein and I’m currently the same weight as you.

In the morning eat eggs and cottage cheese. I recommend dry pressed cottage cheese since it’s packed with more protein and isn’t loaded with salt. For lunch have a protein shake using a vegetarian friendly protein powder. Lastly, for dinner you could do a tempeh stir fry with quinoa. Both the tempeh and quinoa have a decent amount of protein. You could also make black bean burgers and mix in protein powder when you make the burgers to add some more protein to it.

Anyway, I’m not an expert…just someone starting off in the weightlifting journey who eats vegetarian most of the time. The meal plan described above is similar to the one I’m trying to follow. I also have two other small meals thrown in (i.e. protein bar, etc). I don’t know if it’ll get me the results I want, but it’s meeting all the macronutrients I supposedly need. Again, if you eat eggs and dairy then it’s pretty easy to get in your protein. If you’re a pure vegan that’s another story.

protein shakes, brother. 2 of those a day would be another 60g of protein without even trying. Need to make sure you are getting enough total calories as well.