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More Power Stack Feedback

I’ve been done with my Power Stack for a couple of weeks now and thought I would share my overall thoughts. First off, as I mentioned before I had come off a long cycle of pro-steroids shortly before starting so my libido was down. I had been using one of the new anti-estrogen products for recovery, but I ran out of that. It worked quite well, but to my surprise once the Tribex and M kicked in they seemed to work just as well. I have used Tribex in the past post-cycle and it does work very well. This is the first time I’ve used both the Tribex and M together post-cycle and was very pleased with the effects.

I don’t have my training log book handy right now so I don’t have specific weight increases. Taking the double dose of Power Drive was noticable from the first workout. However, it didn’t really seem to “kick in” until about the third week of workouts. It’s like it just all of a sudden kicked me in the ass. The one workout I remember most is a shoulder workout where I started out doing the same weight I had finished with the week before. I had gotten about 4 reps with that weight previously. Starting out with this weight the next week I pushed out 10 reps with ease. I didn’t really “feel” all that different, but my mind/muscle connection seemed to be even more prevelant than before. I believe some others have mentioned that they thought the Power Drive seems to get more potent the longer you take it. I definately concur with that judging by the results I saw in the few weeks I was taking it.

As soon as I can afford it again, I’m going to stock up on Power Drive and make the double dose a permanent part of my program. I’m also starting to think the Tribex and M started to REALLY kick in about the same time as the Power Drive effects were more prevelant. I find it odd that just the Power Drive alone boosted my workout intensity that much. If there is one supplement other than the base supplements (multi and protein) that you can afford, I would definately recommend the Power Drive. Even a single dose is very worth the money. The next order of Power Drive I’m going to keep every think the same except use just the Power Drive without the Tribex and M and see if I still get that surge about the third week of working out.

Are there others just starting their Power Stack yet? Let’s hear everyones thoughts that hasn’t chimed in yet.

Hasn’t anyone else finished there Power Stack they received FREE? I’m curious as to what everyone’s FINAL thoughts are.

got a little more. finish next week right on schedule. laters pk

Saxman, I wouldn’t credit all the strength gains to powerdrive. I would guess that Tribex and M were a HUGE part of it. I believe I read somewhere that Tribex takes a little while to kick in, so it would make sense that it might be kicking in around week 3 along with the powerdrive. Did you notice that the Tribex and M brought you libido back? How long were you on androgens before you started the power stack?

As I mentioned, I’m going to try this stack out using ONLY the Power Drive at the double dose and see if I get the same effects. I was on the androgen cycle for about 8 weeks before I started the Power stack. Right after the androgens I used an anti-estrogen. After that ran out, I started the Power Stack. My libido never dropped once.

The Power Drive had a bigger impact on my overall ‘mood’ than it did in my workouts. My days seemed to be ‘brighter, more alive’ than normal. The M and Tribex gave me the morning ‘woodies’, which at my age (49), was an enjoyment. My wife did start complaining that I couldn’t keep my hands off her.

The Grow low carb and regular were rather chalky, nothing special to recommend them from any other MRP. The Grow bars were a great change from the usual crowd. I think it is a superior product and will make it a part of my daily nutrition plan as will PowerDrive.

M and Tribex are too expensive for the payoff I got. I could tell some improvement, but it was within my ‘normal’ range of improvement. My last cycle saw an increase of 5 lbs in my bench; this cycle was 7 lbs (320 to 325 vs 325 to 332 or 1.5% vs 2.1%). Previous cycles say a 4 lb, 8 lb, and 1 lb gain. Nothing significant really, so won’t use or recommend them based upon my results.

The food protocol was: Low Carb Grow (3 scoops) as first meal and one hour before workout. Regular Grow (3 scoops) within 30 minutes of my workout. Yogurt, Grow Bar, .5 cup low fat cottage cheese as third meal 2 hours after postwork out meal. 1.5 serving of chicken breast (microwaved) with a salad 3 hours later and 1.5 serving of chicken 3 hours later, and .5 cup of cottage cheese (lowfat) right before bed. This was 6 days a week, day 7 didn’t keep track and ate whatever I wanted…