More Potent Var?

I’ve recently read an advertisement (location witheld , some of you may know) saying that their Var’ is 4x’s more potent than standard Var’. Is it possible that a manufactuer can do this ? Maybe there is some truth to this ? Any insight will help. Thanx

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
On a milligram for milligram basis, no it is NOT possible for drug X to be stronger than itself.

However, if one were claiming that their ‘version’ of drug X (i.e. not drug X but a development of, so in fact an entirely different drug in essence, but with similarities in effect, etc) were stronger than the original, then yes, it may be posible.

The other possibility is to overdose the product, using 4 x as much of the active ingredient (drug X) than stated on the label. Not a good idea to mislabel drugs, IMO.


Makes sense to me…thanks for the response. Good luck w/ the in-laws.

In a standard reference work for rat-assayed potencies of anabolic steroids, Vida’s book, there are very many analogues of oxandrolone that are included. By which I mean compounds which are chemically similar but have various differences.

None were as potent as oxandrolone.

So I doubt that any black-market company has a similar-to-oxandrolone drug that is better than oxandrolone itself.