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More post w/o shake

I have just recieved all the ingredients for the post w/o shake formula - except for the hydro whey. Nobody seems to know where to get it here in New Zealand. However, I do have a whey blend with 20% hydro in it. Will I be wasting time and money using this blend, or can I adjust the amount used/shake??ie. add more of this whey blend??

I dont know about new zealand but in Australia we have VP2 i think but its like 70 dollars for 900 grams

Are you saying that it is 100% hydro??Is VP2 the brand name??You wouldn’t by any chance have any contact details for where I might obtain it??Thanks.

Yeah its VP2 by AST I think
I just got this late on a saturday so ill probably reply again on monday night when Ive had a chance to check the stores
Also there is a product that I saw that was $31
for 750 grams of enzyme pre digested whey protein. I have no Idea of the effectiveness of enzyme predigested compared to hydrolysed. But for roughly half the price Ill probably give it a go. Uni students like me often have to settle for less.

PS Do you have the same supplements in New Zealand as we do in Australia I guess they would be similar.
I got this info by ringing a number that I found on the inside of a Muscle and Fitness magazine. The number was for a national distributer of supplements and health foods Maybe therell be something similar in the NZ mags.

Sweet one! Thanks Aus!

The enzyme predigested protein I was talking about was by NUTRA-LIFE it is made in Auckland. Now I think about it theres no way it could be as good as hydrolysed protein but being predigested it must be quicker than normal protein and at $30 (less than half the price) Im sure gonna give it a go.
Good Luck

I heard that there is only one company manufacturing the highest quality. The manufacturer is based in germany. They don t destroy all of the valuable things contained in the hydrolyzed whey during it s manufacturing(lactoferrin…etc…)The manufacturing process is new and is pantented.other hydrolyzed whey is old stuff. The hydrolyzed whey is sold by evolution nutrition (a finnish company)and the product is called immediate action.