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After much debate, I have decided to start a log. My training has been going incredibly well for the last few months, and I anticipate a stall coming up. Having some outside eyes and ears should help to relieve some of demotivation that comes with a stalling of progress.

In summary: I have been following 5-3-1, on and off for about 2.5 years. I say on and off because school and my job have forced me to step back a few times, for a couple months, and change the way I work out. Since I took a new job I have been able to get on a very regular training schedule and don’t anticipate that to change any time in the near future.

I have a meet lined up in June, and I won’t accept anything better than what I did last year at the same meet.

At that meet, I lifted in the 165 class, and my numbers were:
Squat: 341 (I was only planning for 330, but got a 4th attempt and killed it)
Bench: 159
Deadlift: 352

Currently, BW is just about the same and my recently tested/estimated maxes are as follows:
Squat: ~320 (I actually haven’t tested it in a while, but I plant to next cycle)
Bench: 180 (12/19/12)
Deadlift: 375 (~1/6/13)
OHP: ~115 (again, haven’t tested it - will do this week)

So, let’s remember that I’m not a dude, so I am fairly happy with my numbers. I am hoping to one day pull 4 plates…maybe sometime within the next 2 years. Last year I didn’t have any huge training goals since my schedule was so hectic. In September I set a goal to be able to do 10 straight dead hang pull ups and I achieved that on 12/21/13…so I’m glad the world didn’t end on me.

This year my goal is to lift in the June meet in a lower weight class (148), but keep my numbers near where they are right now. I have faith that I can do it - it’s more just putting the commitment in. I work in a gym, so finding time to train is not an excuse.

My plan is to stick to a carb cycling approach - it has worked well in the past. I have lost weight while still seeing strength gains. The weight loss hasn’t been as significant as this though so we will see.

I do some low-moderate intensity cardio ~3 days a week. It significantly helps in my recovery. I am very deliberate in my accessory work, and I will keep something in my program until I stall. I really stick to the basics because they work - and I plan to stick to them until they stop working. But, I am open to incorporating something else if I think it could help.

1/28/13 5-3-1 SQUAT

RDL (with belt): 185x8x4

SSBar Walking Lunge: 115x10x3

GHR Sit up: +15lbs 10x3
Back Ext: +45lbs 10x3

I don’t remember who wrote it but I once read something talking about people who are quad dominant that, paraphrased said: Everyone thinks they are quad dominant - you’re not quad dominant unless you’re quads hang over your knee caps like testicles .

I have massive quads…and I pull sumo…so they get enough training with the main lifts. I try to do as much posterior work as possible on both days - and will limit the quad work I do. I also get stuck off the floor on my DL, and I used to cave over in my squat. At this point I think I have finally leveled out, so I have been trying to bring back in a quad dominant exercise.

This workout was rather entertaining. There is this couple that trains in the mornings at the gym. The dude had to squat today and was in the rack. I don’t like to to my 531 squat without the pins as a safety (even though I have never dumped the weight outside of a max attempt). I asked if I could work in, and coincidentally we were working up to the same weight. He looked a tad upset about that.

They were doing 531 and making progress. They stalled for a month and decided to change programs so some Sheiko template. I took a look at it, and I don’t like it. The accessory lifts are already chosen for them, without taking into consideration any weaknesses. I wouldn’t care so much, except that they are looking to compete in the spring (not just general exercisers) and the are limiting their gains, IMO.

Regardless…massage at 2pm today. I keep getting this impingement in my right scapulae (I think from all the pull-ups) and the dude works it out by pressing as hard as he can on my serratus anterior (I nearly cry each time) and also by moving my leg around in some weird way.

woo hooo!!! Im glad you started another log. I hope you keep this one going this time!

Sets go before reps (10x3 means 10 sets of 3, and I don’t think that’s what you meant)

ALso the elephant testicle quote came from one Jim Wendler.


… hi

1/29/13 - 5,3,1 BENCH
Neutral Grip Pull up 8, 5, 5, 5, 4, 3

DB Row 60x5x6

Dips 15 lbs 3x10

Neutral Grip Kneeling pulldown 100 2x15

KB Windbill 50 3x8

All in all a great workout, IMO. Going through warm ups I did NOT think I was going to get my bench for that much. I get so much out of my wrist wraps when I put them on for the last set; it’s incredible.

So, the massage yesterday left me so sore in spots today. He really dug out my triceps, IT bands and piriformis. It hurts to the touch. It seriously didn’t hurt that much when he was doing it, but shoot it must have worked. Instead of digging in with a large surface like a hand or elbow, he uses his thumbs. Something about being less painful because it activates less nerve endings. Whatevs, it seems to work!

1/31/13 DEADLIFT

Good Morning 115 4x10

Split Squat 115 3x10

Hanging Leg Raises 3x10

Yeah yeah, I KNOW I shouldn’t be getting 8 reps on my 531 week but like I said, training has been going SO well. I have even been increasing my maxes by 15 lbs on lower body for the last 2 months. I’m telling you, it’s all recovery!

Got the deads on video, coming soon. People don’t know how to use youtube.

I try to really use good morning as a primarily back intensive exercise. If I hinge my hips back further, rather than just bending forward, I use too much hamstring and glute.

This has been the longest day at work ever and I cannot wait to go home.

Here are the deads…feedback welcome!

2/2/13 OHP
115x –

Pull Ups 7, 5, 4, 8x3

DB Incline Press 55 3x6; 50 2x7

Single Arm KB Swings 62 3x10

Not the best workout. Felt kind of crappy going into it, and had no motivation to really push myself through to do anything beside test out my ohp max. I generally take it a bit easier on OHP day anyways since I have to do it on a weekend.

Still tired, debating whether or not to leave the house for the super bowl.

I can’t see the video here (private) but it is pretty bad ass!! Delts look awesome!

You’re like the coolest lifter girl ever, EVERRRRR!

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
I can’t see the video here (private) but it is pretty bad ass!! Delts look awesome![/quote]

Ok, let me know if it doesn’t work. I find it very odd that it defaulted to private since I went in to check my settings and my defaults were set to public.

So now that people can see it…what do you think is my weakest area?

For a while it was glutes/low back region, and I spent a good 3 months dedicating my accessory work to making that stronger. Now, I’m not sure. I felt good throughout the whole thing.

2/4/13 Deload Squat boooooring


RDL 95x3x10

Walking Lunge 65x3x10

GHR Sit up 3x10 (+10)
Back Ext. 3x10 (+45)

30 minutes Arc Trainer cardio. Like I said, boring, boring and more boring. I had too much queso dip during the Super Bowl last night and my stomach was feeling funny all day. I wish I had more to offer the world right now, but I’m not doing anything incredible in the gym for the next few days. Maybe there will be something exciting that happens in my actual life!


Deads look textbook.

[quote]kpsnap wrote:

Deads look textbook.[/quote]

Thanks. I’m kind of on the fence about changing my accessory work. I have been changing it every 8 weeks (2 531 cycles) but I might just restructure it instead.

5’s SQUAT: 2/11/13

RDL: 200 5x6 (with belt)

Step Up: 95 4x8

Am.KB Swing & GHR w/ pause: Blue* 3x10

Leg Press 270+sled 2x20

*for real, I work here and don’t know the exact weight

All in all a good workout. I was kind of disappointed in my squat but I felt like crap going in to the workout. By the time it was over, I was feeling good though. I use American KB swings more to train abs than anything. I will usually do weighted GHR sit ups, but I was feeling a little off and didn’t want to go upside down.

If anyone has some good ab exercises that are more difficult than the ab wheel, I am game for them. I usually do an anti-flexion, anti-extension, anti-rotation and rotational stability exercises on squat, deadlift, ohp and bench days respectively. Seems to be working, I hit lots of PRs but I’m getting bored with them.

BENCH 5’s 2/12/13
Pull ups: 9, 5, 4, 3, 4, 5, 3, 3, 3

DB Row: 65 4x8

Dips: 15 3x10

Seated Cable Row (narrow grip): 60 3x8

KB Windmill: 50 3x8

This was a pretty good workout. I did not expect to be able to get 9 pull ups but I managed to bust them out without a problem. I hope to be doing my set of 10 again! There is been a direct correlation between the number of pull ups I can do and my deadlift; and the weight of my dips and my bench. This equates to an est. max of 191 for bench - which is a super PR!

I think I have decided to go for the 400lb DL this June instead of cutting to 148. It is just SO close that I can’t say good-bye to my weight class without getting it first. 4 plates would be sick!

In other news I CAN’T WAIT for our Thursday Valentine’s dinner (how romantic) at Ray’s the Steaks! I don’t really care too much about Valentine’s day - but I DO care about STEAK - and this place has awesome steak. Plus it’s relatively affordable. They give you 2 sides (mashed pots and creamed spinach)so you don’t really HAVE to order anything else…because let’s face it, I’m really only there for the MEAT…and to spend time with VTBalla34.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

2/14/13 DEADLIFT
300x13 (est. max=419)

Good Morning: 115 4x10

Split Squat: 85 3x10

Strict Hanging Leg Raise: 3x10

Back Ext: 45 3x10

Took down the weight on the split squats due to the micro-tears that happened last time. They are still bothering me when I am on a single limb. Hopefully after this cycle they will be healed.

The deadlift was far too easy. I got to 13 and was like - ok I can do at least 2 more, but really, what’s the point? Since focusing on pull-ups and making a point to record the weights I use in my assistance work, my deadlift continues to go through the roof. 531 calls for a 10 pound increase each month, and for the last 3 I have added 15. I’ll continue to do that until I start prepping for the meet in 57 days - which is actually pretty perfect if I stay on the 531 schedule that I am on right now!

Dinner last night was AWESOME…but I don’t think I have ever complained about a steak dinner! I got a filet with a brandy mushroom sauce (YUM!). We got a wine called “Ball Buster.” It’s a cab blend and I highly recommend it!

Great stuff, in for more plates

2/18/13 SQUAT 3’s

RDL no belt 185 5x6

Step up 115 4x10

GHR 3x10
GHR sit up +10 held behind head 3x10

All in all a good work out!

You must have an incredibly powerful build. The number of reps you do with the amount of weight you move is crazy. In my next life . . .

What fed do you compete in?

[quote]kpsnap wrote:
You must have an incredibly powerful build. The number of reps you do with the amount of weight you move is crazy. In my next life . . .

What fed do you compete in? [/quote]
So I have been told…its funny, when I was a kid I played basketball (eventually quit because I’m not all that good and I didnt like all of the running. But people used to laugh at me because players would run into me and bounceboff and fall to the floor. I got into PL becuase I found a use for my strength.

I lift in 100% Raw