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More Planet Fitness Hilarity




"One of the best things about the gym, is all the free tootsie rolls!"

Goddamn fat asses...


"One of the best things about the gym is the free tootsie rolls"


"The best thing about PF is no commitments"

Wait, this is a gym?






Is this a lunk alarm video?


planet anti-fitness

someone should burn this entire corporation down


"It's not a place with lots of barbies and kens where everybody is trying look more buff"


Planet Fitness: Where mediocrity is encouraged....nay...enforced!


We should start a powerlifting club out of Planet Fitness, like Super Training, but replace ST with PF. SFW! It will be the hardcorest.


Neckbeard guy was killin it in that video, he loves being accepted and embraced as gym staff!


planet fitness is awesome. I wish more locations opened up to suck away all these women, men and old people who don't really want to work out for results but want to say they go to a gym. I wish one opened up right next to my gym.


When they showed unacceptable behavior for the lunk alarm, one of the things in the background was just an old dude presenting you with a fish. I was unaware that Planet Fitness was unique in its discrimination against fishermen actively practicing their trade in the gym. But hey, glad that video cleared things up for me.

Also... what the fuck.



PF is like the giant butt plug of the industry, cleansing other gyms of ugly, obese and idiodic members.


The staff isn't that great when they set off the lunk alarm because you grunted. Bah.


A few years back I walked in wearing a bandana and skinny tank top along with my jump rope and the front desk pussies quickly pointed out that I was too intimidating looking and was breaking many rules. He pointed at the stupid cartoon drawing of the meat head with a red circle and line going through him which indicates all the things you cant wear. I looked at him and said "Are YOU judging me???, this is the judgment FREE zone!!!" he says "ummm I guess so..." I said in my best Mr. T voice "You cant judge me fool, dis be the judgement free zone!the commercial said so" Then I walked off, the kid was a skinny pussy because i proceeded to grunt, drop weights and jump rope and all they did was lunk me, i pretended it wasnt me and finished my work out. On the way out i grabbed 2 huge handfulls of grape tootsies and said judge this.

A week later a manager confronted me about it, so i gave him an ear full and cancled my membership. He told me it was $120 fine for early cancel so i told him to suck it and had my bank block asscess to my account for $40 bucks....in my own little way i felt it was a victory against PF or Pussy Fitness as I have affectionatly named it...


Judgment Free? As long as you don't make noise.


I've been telling ST this for months. We should each go get a free week pass at a 24 hour fitness or something and all meet up there for a training session.

It'd be fucking gold.


shit I lol'd a few times. that video is awesome.


You lost me at skinny tank top