More Pain and Soreness While on Blast

Short version: Has anyone noticed more muscle soreness and joint pain while on blast, compared to while on TRT doses (other variables being constant)? If so, were you able to control/improve it by some means?

Long version for folks who like details:
My training age is 25 years, my chrono age is 44 years. I’ve competed in powerlifting for 2 years and have a Class 1 total. This powerlifting season, I’ve run Test at TRT amount (140mg/wk) until I start meet prep. When I start meet prep, I up the dose to 300mg/wk. No AI or other drugs during either dose. Training, diet, and sleep are almost identical between non-prep and prep. Only difference is during prep, I actually train less intensely, focus on technique, and leave 1-2 reps in the tank. Somehow, beyond my comprehension, as soon as I raise the Test dose to 300/wk, I get pain all over my body. I feel like an old man when I wake up in the morning, old injuries start to hurt again, the weights feel heavier, and sharp pains shoot across various regions of my body when lifting 50% of 1RM or higher.

Any experience with this would be greatly appreciated.

If you are lifting more and/or heavier, it makes sense

That’s the thing, though! I’m not lifting with any more volume or frequency and actually training less intensely, keeping a rep or two in the tank. Only change is Test dose goes up.

Do you mean this a percentage of 1 RM, how hard you perceive your effort, reps in reserve, etc…?

I could see if you are leaving 2 reps in the tank on a heavier set (say doing a triple) making you more sore than leaving 1 in the tank on a set of 10. More so joint pain than muscle.

IDK, what you are saying is opposite of what I experience. I seem to be very resistance to muscle soreness or DOMs while on higher amounts of test. I do get more painful back pumps while on more test though.