More oxandrin or less but with some winstrol added in?

Hey guys, I have the opportunity to use some oxandrin at about 45mgs/day or oxandrin at about 25mg/day along with winstrol at about 20mgs/day. Which route would be more beneficial for gaining some lean muscle with increased definition? I am 5’7" 170 lbs at about 13%b.f., I’ve been training for 4 years. And, if I were to use the combo method what would be the max amount of weeks I can stay on? I plan on using 50 mgs/day of clomid along with this to try and minimize HPTA inhibition, but would 100 mgs be better?
Thank you for any input.

I think the combo of the two would be more beneficial. Probably 8 weeks is a good timeline. I think 50 mg of clomid will help somewhat with what appears to be a mild cycle. Good luck.

Clomid probably won’t do too much here but I do like
your stack. 20mg + 25mg as you wrote for 6-8 weeks
should give you some nice gains, permanent gains with
minimal hair loss and zero gyno. I would expect a
transient rise in liver transaminase levels and perhaps
cholesterol. But that’s it for side effects (maybe some
increased aggression?).

Clomid at the end might help a little…try 50mg per day
for 2 weeks post cycle.

–Brock Strasser

Brock, thanks for your responce it is greatly appreciated!
I thought hair loss was of no concern with these two AAS, so should I throw in some propecia? Also your feelings concerning clomid are different than Bill’s, I think he once wrote he would never do a cycle w/o clomid on board from the get go. Can you clarify this point. If I am in correct, I apologize. Thanks again for your time.