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More Opinions on P90X


I wanted to invest in the P90X system. I've heard only good things so far from people but wanted some more opinions before investing a lot of money in the DVDs and dumbells. Any one try or know someone who's tried P90X? I'd appreciate any comments at all. Thanks everyone.

  • Tyler


I have it, very solid basic program. It is based on high reps and fat shedding so it will help you get very cut and lean quickly, however if you are looking to add muscle and become stronger, I think there are better programs. The ab ripper is killer, I think overall it is a great begginner program and it will whip you into very good shape. I guess it all depends on what you are trying to do.


It's a lot like Nik said, I believe it's a pretty good program for a jumpstart.

I know a lot of girls who're using it now and it works great for them (they don't need to add lbs of muscle or anything like most guys want to).


Thanks guys so far...

well i'm looking to add lean muscle mass (not bulk up and then shred it off). I'm currently 150 lbs at 10% and 5'9". Any suggestions other than the P90X system that might work for me better?

Again thanks for the help so far. I appreciate it.

  • Tyler


You are on this website so you are on the right track, just keep reading the articles and soak up as much info as you possibly can, here are a few threads to read to help you get on the right direction:


I've also started to look into it -- for "Life after the V-Diet". But, I'd rather have a plan with more gym emphasis . . . . I'd like to use that membership I'm paying for.

Any suggestions? The nutrition / regimen of p90x looks fine . . . I'd just rather add weights too :slightly_smiling:


I'd suggest if you are going to do P90x just follow it to a tee and you'll be fine. Just let your gym membership run out and do P90x or just find a program like Starting Strength, WS4SB or 5/3/1 and just do that at the gym. If you are looking to add power and strength, then do those programs, if you are looking at getting extremely lean, while being explosive then do p90x.


I looked at a friends copy. The nutrition portion looks spot on. But, I'd rather not buy dumbbells and a pullup bar, and give up my gym membership.

My goals are simple: de-lard, and build strength at the same time.

Does anyone know of any good gym-oriented programs to start after VD3?


Cool. Welcome, welcome.

1st, it doesnt matter terribly what program you start with. What matters is how intense you are about it. The concept is simple. Increase resistance weekly. Lift heavier progressively.... P90X is as effective as most beginning programs if you adhere to it religiously.

Also.... You don't have to worry about bulking up and then shredding it off. You weight 150 lbs. You need to increase your caloric intake to match your workout. The BEST problem you can have right now would be to ratchet calories back, so start ramping them up.

Good luck.


Actually, that was the other guy.

I weigh 234 @ 5'9". I'll probably be 225 when I'm done with vd3.