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More on the War on Drugs



I know it is a different angle than most concerning the rescheduling of a drug .

But I contend that making any drug more difficult to get will result in unintended

Make marijuana hard to get and people smoke synthetic pot . Make old fashioned amphetamine had to get and they develop meth . Make heroin hard to get and they make krokodil.


It's a good argument. I'm more scared of the dangers of prescription drugs than anything else. Heroin, meth, this is stuff people know is bad for you and the problem with those drugs is not education. Prescription drugs and their many interactions with alcohol and other drugs I think we have a long ways to go in terms of education. Highly addicted, not well understood. Like you I wonder about the unintended consequences here.


I heard a segment on NPR tonight , that the majority of heroin users start because they can't get pharma's opioids


I have a prescription for Percocet, which I take every day to control my back pain under pain management. I get so many a month, if I run out sooner, its on me. Some pharmacies don't carry my prescription or it takes them a few days to order it.

I can totally see people getting hooked on it, my Rx is fairly strong. If I don't keep a certain level in my system I go into withdrawal. I'm going to have to be eventually weaned off it once my back heals. But I cringe every time I see some legislation to make it harder for doctors to prescribe it. I'm lucky that my PM doctors are good about it. I don't do the piss test and I got in before all that agreement crap came about.

Definitely something has to be done about giving it to people who don't need it. We have had local doctors who were simply selling prescriptions to people.



My fear is they will create a new batch of heroin users . I assure the impact is less doing Oxicodone than Krokodil