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More on the War on Drugs



I hope she sues the dog shit out of Las Vegas PD


I hope she picks you as her lawyer.


What's she going to sew them? A dog shit sweater? I do believe she could sue them though for what they did.




before I got a computer ,7 or 8 years ago . I had not written sinse high school , I could misspell I or A :slightly_smiling: it was bad. Any howI hope she sues the dog shit out of them and makes you a nice sweater


Pittbull, I think we all have spelling issues. I am right up there with you.


yep - horrible speller here too, my brain gets going faster than my fingers can keep up . .. lol


Yeah it's fucked up about what happened, but so fucking what? Horrible shit goes down all the time. Sometimes the cops make mistakes; it's a tough job and it's ridiculous to think that something like won't happen. It shouldn't happen, but it's going to. What does this have to do with the war on drugs? This is a procedural failure, not a policy failure. They could have been serving any sort of high alert-type warrant and gotten things fouled up. Shit, we don't even know what really happened. One quote from an officer and one from the victim's fiance who was hiding? No criminal record? It's not inconceivable for someone with no record and a pregnant fiance to also be a bigtime drug dealer who may or may not be armed and dangerous. And it wasn't even confirmed if they did indeed get the wrong address or resident. Not probable, but not impossible either.


They were hiding because they did not know they were cops , I have to think you are trolling. Other wise I would think you would feel fine if the cops fucked up at your house. And if you are a cop defending this stupidity , you are what is wrong with cops ( No Remorse )


Precisely because cops make mistakes and law enforcement system is a rather blunt instrument the WOD is a terrible idea.


Really? The man's fiance says they were hiding because they thought they were being robbed so it must be true, right? You don't know shit about what happened there just like I don't. Just because this woman alleges that the cops did not identify themselves does not make it so. And to insinuate that I would be fine with the cops mistakenly invading my home because I don't blindly assume that the statement of this man's fiance is 100% accurate is ridiculous. There's no connection between the two. You can go on refusing to believe that it is possible that this man and woman were in fact the legitimate targets of a justifiably dangerous raid. Of course I wouldn't be ok with the cops fucking up at my house, but if you automatically accept that the cops did indeed fuck up based on one or two statements from a woman who is clearly not an objective source regardless of what actually happened, you're a fucking dunce.

I am not a cop and don't even know anyone that well who is one, and I generally don't really like the police a whole lot. But what does this "alleged" example of human error (in a situation where human error is a very real possibility) have to do with the war on drugs? Does this incident even deserve its own thread? I suppose you thought it did because you have some pre-conceived, unshifting notion that the police are inherently wrong in their actions and you lack the independent thinking to view an episode like this from more than one perspective.

To you, it is an impossibility for the cops to not be at fault, and all I'm saying is that it is wholly ignorant and narrow-minded to even suggest that the cops definitely did fuck up in this case based on one woman's statement immediately after the death of her fiance. It is even more illogical to prop this up as an example of what's wrong with the war on drugs. I only wish I could give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that it is YOU who are trolling, but I've seen too many of your other posts to even allow you that much slack. No, you seem to have a rigid, unwavering view of the world that you let be shaped by your equally rigid political beliefs.


Yeah, so let's just get rid of law enforcement agencies altogether right? That way we can guarantee that situations like this will never happen again. Or are you suggesting that ALLEGEDLY unjustifiable police shootings will simply disappear if all drugs are legalized? Is that what you are arguing?

Trying to serve an arrest warrant on a known gang member can lead to mistakes when carried out by the blunt instrument that is law enforcement, so we shouldn't serve those warrants either, right?

We should just legalize or decriminalize any and all activity that would otherwise allow for the possibility of mistakes by the police so that the police are never in a situation where an ALLEGEDLY unjustifiable death may occur.


I love the first thirty seconds of this video.


Many cops carry a holier than thou mentality. It is fostered in many departments with a pervasive "us vs. them" outlook on things. It's not surprising given the work that they do and the people that they deal with. Dealing with the same scumbags every day would probably turn me into a jaded, cynical, suspicious person too. I don't blame them for the way they act.


I get in arguments with some of my friends who are cops all the time about the importance of their job. I am constantly told that if we didn't have cops around then society as we know it would fall apart. Bullshit.

What determines the safety of a society is economic prosperity, availability of well paying, productive jobs, a close knit community, and a chance for upward mobility through hard work. If there is good chance of living a nice life through obeying the rules of society and working hard then 99% of the people are going to do just that.

If however you live in a environment where the economy is terrible, there are no opportunities, broken families and the community structure is non-existant, what do you think people are going to do? Probably deal drugs. I would too.

I don't give a shit how many cops you put on the street it is still going to be crime-ridden. Look at Detroit and Baltimore. Better yet, watch "THE WIRE" and you get a good idea of what being a cop in cities like those are like. It's like pissing into the ocean. Doesn't really make difference.


Not never, but only when the situation really warrants it.

If they go after rapists and murderers accidents will happen too, and they will be inevitable.

If they go after drug dealers and if even the IRS has commando type units this is not a case of "shit happens" but the result of the militarization of a whole society where any and all problems are deemed to be solvable by government violence and that is the underlying problem here.


I can not wrap my head around your argument , Ok the people may have jay walked before in their life and maybe they are not the most objective. But in my 50 some years expeirience I find that the cops are not an objective witness either.

I watched the cops hand cuff an 80 neibor of mine that they thought was involved in a hit and run . When they found out their mistake . he did not even get an apology. The Cops used to be what they called peace officers , today they are wanabe soldiers. With the SWAT teams , when the only tool you have is a hammer then all your problems look like nails

You are entitled to your opinions . I can not see how any one could defend the cops in this


i agree , with out this so called war on drugs we could lay off half the cops and empty half the prisons . The Cops would have nop excuse to stop people and ask stupid questions . I have watched the wire , I did like it . It reminded me of when I grew up


Of course the police are equally unobjective as the fiance, but what is it that makes you jump to the side of the "victim" rather than the police when faced with two highly subjective viewpoints? Is it life experience? Dealt with some bad cops? Sure, but I bet you've dealt with some criminals as well in some way, shape or form. What about those two different experiences makes you lend more creedence to the fiance rather than the police?


I think there are some details here that need to be clarified.

  1. Was he armed or going for a weapon, specifically a firearm? (any random movement does not warrant deadly force)

  2. Was the warrant, in fact, for him/his residence?

  3. Was this a "knock and announce so they can open the door" warrant or a "whisper hey cops are here then kick down the door" warrant and search.

I am by no means a fan of the current state of law enforcement and was just having a discussion with a close friend who is an officer. We both agreed that many cops are undereducated for their job, have a total us vs them attitude for just about all civilians, and think far to highly of themselves.


According to the link provided, we don't really know any of this shit. That's my whole point. Why is the OP using this as an example of why we shouldn't have a war on drugs when we don't even know what the hell really happened in the first place?