More on Progesterone/FSH/LH

If anyone saw my last post I am having symtoms like: fatigue, bloating, I am late on my period(not pregnant), sometimes feel like trying to have my period but doesnt come, tender breasts sometimes, constipation-maalox helps. I had looked on the internet for bloating and saw many websites on progesterone deficiency. Brock answered my post and said something about FSH/LH, I need more info. I am in Poland and the docs are not too smart. My boyfriend has a few bottles of Tribex-500 and that is supposed to make LH/increase testostone. I took some last night and twice today, no period yet but my mood was greatly elevated and fatigue was lessened, although not perfect. I will continue to use the Tribex as long as I feel good. Is there more info on the “brain issues” Brock stated or supplements that I could get to help maybe, The cold chills lessened but I am still feeling cold sometimes. All of these once again are symtoms listed under Progesterone deficiency, any more info???

Hi, I know you say you are not pregnant,but it SURE sounds like you are. Have you had a blood test lately? The OTC’s may not be reliable, and regardless you need to have your hormone levels checked. I would be very cautious about taking anything till I was damn sure I was within the normal parameters hormonally.