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More on Education and Ideology


It is a length article, but it's worth a full read:


A short excerpt on teaching the teachers:

Brooklyn College of the City University of New York recently declared: ?Because democracy requires a substantive concern for equity, the faculty of the School of Education is committed, in theory and practice, to social justice. . . . We believe that an education centered on social justice prepares the highest quality of future teachers. . . . Our teacher candidates and other school personnel are prepared to demonstrate a knowledge of, language for, and the ability to create educational environments based on various theories of social justice.?

The teacher education program at Marquette University in Milwaukee proclaims that it ?has a commitment to social justice in schools and society? and to using education ?to transcend the negative effects of the dominant culture.? It requires that all education degree candidates demonstrate a ?desire to work for social justice, particularly in an urban environment.? Similarly, the University of Kansas ed school declares that ?addressing issues of diversity includes being more global than national and concerned with ideals such as world peace, social justice, respect for diversity and preservation of the environment.?

On the West Coast, the highly regarded Claremont Graduate University not only requires teacher candidates to commit to social justice teaching but screens applicants to make sure they have that essential ?disposition.? According to a recent university publication, ?CGU?s recruitment efforts focus upon individuals who have an understanding of societal inequities. . . . By reflecting the cultures and languages of the student populations in area K?12 schools and by caring about issues of social justice, CGU?s teachers are role models to their students in a variety of ways.?

At Humboldt State University in northern California, the social studies methods class required for prospective high school history and social studies teachers best demonstrates the school?s commitment to social justice teaching. The professor, Gayle Olson-Raymer, states the course?s purpose right up front in her syllabus: "It is not an option for history teachers to teach social justice and social responsibility; it is a mandate. History teachers do their best work when they use their knowledge, their commitment, and their courage to help the students grapple with the important issues of social responsibility and when they encourage them to direct their lives towards creating a just society."

And read the story about Steve Head.

And on another note, why would the Teachers' Union take a position on the Iraq war and the war in Lebanon, which it has done?

Looks like the 'long march through the institutions' continues apace.


Sounds good, ambitious.

Hope this takes off. Perhaps we'll have a whole ot more angst in the youth though if they are all aware of the pernicious indoctrinations and influences of the world around them, from a young age. But it gets worse before it gets better.


The best teachers in America come out of the Teach For America program.

"Corps members attend a rigorous summer training institute designed to help them understand the overarching approach utilized by successful teachers in low-income communities and to provide the training needed to become highly effective teachers. During the institute, corps members teach in a summer school program, work with a faculty of experienced educators, participate in numerous professional development activities, and receive instruction in the six courses that comprise the Teach For America curriculum: Teaching As Leadership; Instructional Planning and Delivery; Classroom Management and Culture; Literacy Development; Learning Theory; and Diversity, Community, and Achievement. "

Five weeks of HOW TO TEACH, no indoctrinatin bullshit, then go do your job.


I'd like to know more about these-

Sounds thorough




This scheme looks awesome. Not many teachings from business haha.

I'm all for low-income orgins being psuhed aside in order to feed all active minds. This looks like an economic plan rather than ideological objectivity